Never Put Your Life On Hold Waiting For Someone Else

Never Put Your Life On Hold Waiting For Someone Else


Are you waiting on others to make a move so that you can then make a move? If you are that means you are playing a game of chess and you are waiting on your opponent to move their knight so that you can then checkmate. However, if you are not playing chess then there really is no reason to place your life on hold because you are waiting on someone to make a move towards you or your life. One of the biggest reasons for resentment in any kind of relationship is the sacrificing an individual does for family, for a spouse, partner or for a job and not getting anything in return. We listen to half-truths, empty promises, innuendos and then we get our hopes up high with expectations.

Now what happens when we realize that those promises were empty? Your hopes and dreams gets dashed violently to the ground where they smither into smithereens. You are now left with a series of questions – why, why, why? You start to go crazy wondering what happened and when that question is not answered, you begin to lose it wondering how can people treat others with so little regard.

Now here is the hard truth and believe me I have had a hard time swallowing it myself. The hard truth is if someone can get away with stepping in and out of your life and do as they please knowing that you are not going anywhere they will take advantage of your free time. You have a lot of free time on your hands if someone can walk in and out of your life whenever they please and you keep taking them back with whatever new excuse of the day that they give you. I bet you if you were busy in your life and doing you, others would not be able to hijack your precious time. Because when you do get some free time in your busy life you would guard it so preciously.

Now you maybe saying that it is selfish to not be for others and you will be right. However, it is also selfish to not be for yourself too. I have learned that the hard way. I was always doing for everyone and everyone was quite happy with it. I put my life on hold in order to be for others, while those others were quite happily being for themselves and quite happily taking and taking and taking some more from me never ever thinking of the sacrifices I made for them. They treated me horribly because I was so “doing for them”. The minute that I realized how much of me I had sacrificed over the years and how many of my dreams I had put on hold for others and started being for myself, the knives, the axes got sharper and the blows started to come in rapidly. But I have made a promise to myself that no more will I sacrifice my life, waiting and doing for others and putting my life and my dreams on hold.

The thing is, while you are putting your life on hold waiting for others, they are happily going about in their lives knowing that you are there when they are ready to use you or wipe their dirty feet on you. Even worse when they are laughing at you and your so-called “stuck life”. They don’t even realize that your life is stuck because you were doing for them. What’s worse, they will throw it in your face that they never asked you to do anything.

There is nothing more rewarding than living your life for you, no matter how many people dislike you for it. You should not be living an ordinary life. Instead, live an extraordinary life. You are deserving of it and it is your birthright. You only have one life to live so live it boldly and beautifully and watch as your world turn into something dynamic. You will find that the people who once loved you will now hate you because you are no longer sacrificing your life for them. They may even try to block your life from moving forward, however, you are the captain of your life-ship and you can turn your life compass into any direction that you choose.

Always treat your life and your time as precious and when you do you will not allow anyone to violate your time and your life. If someone is expecting you to put your life on hold and wait on them, appreciate where they are in their life, however, you need to respect your life and keep it moving. If you wish to wait on someone, make sure your life is not being sacrificed. Do it because you wish to and not because of empty promises, half-truths and innuendos.

Do not give up yourself for someone else. You are just as important. So value your life and your time. If others wish to be apart of your life they will need to respect and value your time and your life. Become busy in your life with your dreams and goals that when others come in contact with you, you will know right away if they are either with and for you or they are traveling in a different direction. That way no one’s time is wasted or sacrificed. You will begin to feel happier within yourself because you are now fulfilling your dreams and goals instead of sacrificing yourself for others.



Source by Trudy-Ann Ewan