Prevention and Cure to a Healthy Life

Why Most Diets Fail In The Long-Term


In an effort to maintain sound health to everyone, there are extensive studies to further improve it. One of the studies made is Public Health. Public Health is both science and art of preventing disease, lengthen life and uphold healthy lifestyle through the collected efforts of society, public and private organizations, communities and individuals. It is concerned with threats to the general wellness of a community whether as small number of people or a large one.

The main objective of public health intervention is not only to treat certain disease but also to prevent the occurrence of any diseases through close observation of cases and to encourage healthy lifestyle. In most cases, treating a disease is as important as preventing it to spread to others. For an instance, during an outbreak of an infectious disease, vaccination is given to those uninfected yet to prevent its widespread.

Health science is another branch of science focused on healthy lifestyle. One approach to health science is the study and research of the human body and other health-related issues so as to understand how humans as well as animals function. Another approach to this branch of science is the application of that knowledge from the studies and researches conducted in the attempt to improve health and to prevent and treat diseases.

What are the sources of health?

Health research creates chiefly on the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, physics and medical sociology. Other research-oriented fields that give remarkably important contributions to health science are biochemistry, epidemiology and genetics.

What is Applied Science?

Applied sciences also attempts to a better understanding of health and try to directly improve it. Some of these applied sciences are: biomedical engineering, biotechnology, nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, pharmacy, social work, psychology, physical therapy and medicine. Health care on the other hand is the provision of services to maintain or improve people’s wellness.

Science has given rise to promote health by educating people on healthy lifestyle, ways to prevent diseases especially infectious ones, to a healthier community and environment.


Source by Rose Lasly