Quick But Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Quick and Healthy Pasta Salad Recipes For Your Next Brunch


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Missing out on breakfast will not only cause stress levels to rise, but will make the stomach acids burn through the stomach and esophageal lining and cause, horror of horrors, bad breath.

Breakfast is called just that because it literally means to break the fast that was forced on the body for it to sleep for at least six to eight hours every night. This means that most, if not all, the food eaten during dinner or supper would have been fully digested and there is nothing left for the body to depend on. This will lower the blood sugar levels and will make the brain feel groggy or at least, light headed.

Here are some breakfast ideas that are quick and healthy and will put you at the top of the world in no time at all.

Not up to cereals? That is not a problem as you can still get your dairy and milk proteins through this simple but delicious recipe. The night before, cut up some boiled chicken into cubes and set aside. Chop some onions and garlic as well. That’s it. The next morning mix the three ingredients and sauté in light butter until the onions and garlic are done. Add a pinch of salt if you want, but grating cheese over the mixture will make it salty enough. Then, add a tablespoon of flour into the mixture and mix well. Add a dash of pepper and some Worcestershire sauce, mix again. Last, pour in a can or pack of all purpose cream or light cream if desired. When the mixture thickens, set aside to cool. Grab some bread and toast them lightly. When done, simply spoon the mixture on the bread. This is a hearty and healthy breakfast that is sure to tide you over till lunch, but if you eat too much, then it will last till way after lunch.

How about some eggs? Simply beat three or four eggs with some salt and pepper and grate cheese over it, the amount is up to you. Then get some of that ham left over from the other day, some green pepper, a tomato, onions and garlic. Cut up into pieces and set aside. In a small pan, heat some vegetable oil or butter, whichever takes your fancy, and when hot enough where the sides start to simmer, pour the egg mixture. Leave to cook for about a minute and then carefully arrange the remaining ingredients in the middle of the cooking eggs. When the sides of the eggs could be readily lifted, carefully flip one side over the ham mixture and then fold over the other side to make an omelette. Muy bien! Spanish omelette in less than 8 minutes!

There are so many ideas for breakfast that are hardly being made use of in homes nowadays because of the usually excuse of having no time. Actually, there is a lot of time left for you to do something because all it takes is a little bit of planning and reading that old recipe book your mom and grandmother owned.


Source by Ricky S Dean