Review: ‘Living A Laptop Lifestyle’ Book

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I recently came across the book, ‘Living A Laptop Lifestyle’ and had the pleasure of meeting the authors, Greg and Fiona Scott. They gave a presentation, at an event put on by the Six Figure Mentors for its members, about how to write your own book. So who better to show what works in internet marketing, than someone who has already been there.

‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’ is their story into how they found their feet in marketing on the internet. Like many people in today’s economic climate, their circumstances forced them to make changes to the way they earned an income. After Fiona was made redundant, from a high paying job, they had to re-think how to reclaim their lives. Determined to never trade their time for money again, Fiona and Greg decided to start their own business… but they had no idea where to start and what business to go into.

They attended what they call a ‘pitch fest’. This is a conference where other internet marketers talk about their products and have a platform to sell their ‘time limited offers’ or ‘money off for first 50 to sign up today’. If you have never been to one of these, count your self lucky, it is not a pleasant sight. Go to one to learn, but beware that you could end up buying products you may never need especially if you are new to internet marketing because you will not know what works and what doesn’t.

If you are thinking of starting out online, books written by entrepreneurs, like Greg and Fiona, can give you many tips and resources to get you started in the right direction to set up and run an online business.

Some of the points that are raised in the book, ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’,

1. Initial Investment

If you are starting out online, then don’t expect to invest zero. Many people think that they can start out online with nothing and earn millions. They may well have their bubble burst. Greg and Fiona talk about the reality of starting out online. Just as you can’t start an offline business with no money, so it follows that you will need to have some money to invest into your internet business.

2. The Pitfalls of Working for Yourself

If you are just starting out to build an online business, then you will need to be disciplined. The importance of time management and keeping to schedules is crucial when you are working for yourself. This book gives some useful tips and offers some tools that the couple use to help them schedule their time.

3. Mindset

The book does have a large section on mindset and you might wonder why. When starting out online you will realize that you will be working in isolation, so keeping a positive mindset is essential to your success.

4. Fear of Technology

Greg and Fiona break down this topic and show how the internet is accessible to everyone, no matter what your level of computer knowledge. There is no need to be afraid of the internet and to let this stop you from taking action to start out online. They give lots of advice about outsourcing and how to gain the skills you need to be successful online.

5. Keeping Focused

One of the reasons that stop many newcomers from succeeding in an online business, is that they keep chasing ‘shiny objects’. This means that they start one system, then a new one comes their way, so they drop everything to start something new and never complete any! They give up believing that building a business online doesn’t work. Greg and Fiona talk about how they avoided these ‘shiny objects’ and stayed focused on their goals and how you can too.

You will find links to Greg and Fiona’s businesses and this part of the reason for any one with a business to write a book. Whilst giving lots of advice and information about your own story, a book will also provide the opportunity for lead generation. So if you are starting out online then you will want to read this book. Similarly if you have been online for a while, then this book will help you to outline what you need to consider when writing your own story to build your own online business.


Source by Bernie Podmore