Romantic Anniversary Ideas For Couples

Romantic Anniversary Ideas
Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Romantic Anniversary Ideas For Couples

These romantic anniversary ideas will help you spend a truly memorable day with your partner. Whether you’re looking for romantic gifts for your wife or husband, you’ll find here everything.

Below there’s a huge list of the best romantic ideas for anniversary, so pick some of them and amaze your loved one!

And don’t worry: With these romantic ideas in your mind, it’s impossible to go wrong! 🙂 Happy anniversary!

Common Romantic Anniversary Ideas

  1. Recreate your first date as a surprise. Go to the same place, eat the same food, talk about similar topics and hold each other’s hand like you used to…
  2. Go on a romantic night picnic.
  3. Create a romantic memory book, using old photos, quotes and love notes.
  4. Go to a spa or massage salon together.
  5. Get your partner something custom made. It’s not only personal, but most of the times really inexpensive or even free as well.
  6. Hide love notes at unexpected places for your partner to find: mailbox, cupboard, fridge, bathroom, sink, under the pillows, in a book they’re reading… you get the picture. 🙂
  7. Jewelries are great romantic anniversary gift ideas: A necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings…and the list goes on. You could try to get an engraved one, with a meaningful message.
  8. Get a personalized photo frame.
  9. Surprise your partner with elegant cashmere and/or silk clothes.
  10. Get your loved one personalized crystal gifts: A crystal cube, photo frames, wine glasses, paperweight etc…
  11. Send a beautiful flower bouquet with meaningful romantic messages to their workplaces. Imagine how proud they’ll be to receive it before their friends.
  12. Prepare a custom gift basket full with photos, flowers, their favorite foods and drinks, “love stones”, massage oils, chocolates, candles…
  13. Organize a scavenger hunt around town. Send your loved one to the most important places in your relationship (first met, first date, first kiss, first restaurant, first anything…).
  14. Go on a progressive date or dinner and give your partner a small gift at every location. (A progressive dinner means having each of the five courses in different restaurants for example, to add more variety. 🙂
  15. Organize a great surprise anniversary party for your loved one.
  16. Get a personalized jewelry box and have it engraved with “I Love You” in a hundred languages.
  17. Play a romantic or sexy board game in the evening. How about an edible or chocolate monopoly for example?
  18. Get tickets to your partner’s favorite kind of show: a comedy club, dance studio, theatre, opera, ballet, sports, ice show etc… These are all great romantic anniversary ideas.
  19. Go to an elegant five star restaurant (or your favorite) and order a five course meal. Or go on a progressive dinner and have each of the meals at different locations. Get the staff in on the celebration and have someone sing to your partner.