Romantic Birthday Gifts

Romantic Birthday Gifts
Romantic Birthday Gifts

Romantic Birthday Gifts

Here you’ll find tons of romantic birthday gifts and ideas on how to amaze your loved one on this very important day!

Make it an unforgettable event in both of your lives! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A few romantic ideas can bring much more happiness than what money could possibly buy. 🙂

On that note, let’s start preparing for the big day!

Unique Romantic Birthday Gifts

  1. Ask all your friends to send your sweetheart birthday cards with creative, nice messages: Pack them in a decorative container before showing them to your partner.
  2. Plant a tree for your partner in a nearby park or in the backyard.
  3. Name a star after them (officially).
  4. Scatter rose petals and Hershey kisses on the bed: Make it heart shaped or spell “I love you” and place a long-awaited gift in the middle.
  5. Give 365 Hershey kisses and love notes to your partner. This way every day they get up there’ll be a nice message and something sweet waiting for them.
  6. Surprise your loved-one with a horse carriage sightseeing around town. After the ride have a romantic dinner at home or at their favorite restaurant.
  7. Take your partner on a hot air balloon, helicopter or plane rideover the city or rent a limousine and go sightseeing.
  8. Scatter rose petals all over the floor leading from the entrance to your partner’s gift.
  9. Scatter rose petals over the bed sheets, embroider romantic messages into the pillows, hide love notes around the bedroom etc…

Additional/Bonus Romantic Birthday Gifts

  1. Have a spa-at-home night and give your partner a massage: Fresh flowers and candles, dimmed lights, soft romantic music playing… Fill the tub with warm water and prepare a romantic rose petal- or bubble- bath.
  2. Write a poem or love letter expressing your deepest feelings. As I’ve already mentioned: All you have to do is express your true feelings.
  3. Don’t wait until the actual birthday to gift your loved-one: Give them small presents and love notes on every day of the “birth-week”.
  4. Create a short video of yourself confessing your love. Express your honest, truest feeling towards your partner.
  5. Do something you both have always wanted to try out, but never got the time, money, mood etc… This can be something adventurous or just simply trying out a new restaurant or coffee bar etc…
  6. Make a slideshow about their lives and the memorable moments you’ve shared together as a couple. Play soft music in the background, include photos, videos, short poems or quotes etc…
  7. Recreate your first date as a romantic birthday gift idea. You still remember where, how and when it happened, with all the little details like music, foods, topics you discussed etc… right? Right! 🙂
  8. Don’t give them only one present. Give them as many (small, but thoughtful) gifts as the number of years you’ve been together.
  9. progressive dinner around town might be a great romantic birthday idea for you: Have each of the five courses at different restaurants to add more variety. Either decide on the locations in advance or choose randomly through the evening.

Also, please take a couple of minutes to tell us about the most romantic gifts of your life!