Romantic Birthday Ideas

Romantic Birthday Ideas
Romantic Birthday Ideas

Romantic Birthday Ideas

Sometimes it’s really hard to think up great birthday ideas, especially if you need great romantic birthday ideas.
Don’t worry though: On this page I’m sure you’ll find whatever romantic birthday gift ideas you’re looking for, from nice little gestures to the most unique ones!

Pick one (or more) of the best romantic birthday gifts categorized below, and give your partner a birthday they’ll never forget!

Basic Romantic Birthday Ideas

  1. Brighten up your loved-one’s day by sending little, but thoughtful presents to their workplaces. Something like flowers with attached romantic quotes, chocolate in a decorated container, a simple romantic message etc…
  2. Cook your partner their favorite soup, meal and desserts.
  3. Why not start the romance in the morning? Give your partner breakfast in bed consisting of pancakes, chocolate bars, cookies etc… Try to make it more thoughtful by making the pancakes heart shaped and placing as many Hershey kisses on the plate as the number of your partner’s years.
  4. Let your partner have a better day by doing their part of the housekeeping.
  5. If it feels really hard to come up with something for your partner don’t stress yourself: Simply go out for a romantic evening.
  6. Think about creating something personal or homemade.
  7. Prepare something sweet for your partner by the time they get home: a pie, a cake, ice cream, Strawberry Whipped Cream, chocolate dipped fruits etc…
  8. Dim the lights in the hall to set the mood for romance.
  9. Play soft romantic music in the background to enhance the atmosphere.

Romantic Birthday Ideas – Simple Romantic Tips

  1. Celebrate your partner’s birthday with a romantic picnic. Before you go, decorate the car with balloons, flowers, set the CD player to play romantic songs etc…
  2. Collect small, but long-awaited items together in a romantic gift basket.
  3. Hide small gifts in the mailbox, under their pillows, in their wardrobe or in the cupboard etc…
  4. Buy two tickets to their favorite band’s concert.
  5. If you know your partner wouldn’t mind, think about organizing a birthday party for them: Don’t leave it until the last second though: call the friends at least three days earlier to prevent unforeseen obstacles.
  6. Take your partner to their favorite sports team’s game and support the players together.
  7. Take your partner to their favorite restaurant and get the staff in on the celebration. Try to get someone to sing a romantic song for your partner or deliver the gifts etc…
  8. Cook them a birthday cake and decorate the top with romantic messages or with the name of your partner etc… Prepare the tallest cake you can.
  9. Design a calendar about yourselves, mark important dates, use photos of the two of you etc… Spice it up by writing a romantic message for each week for example.
  10. Read romantic poetry for each other and write your own poem or lyrics. If you already have the lyrics try to find music software on the net to create your own song as well. Check out Romantic Birthday Poems for some inspiration to help you write your own ones.
  11. Knit a blanket or jumper for your partner: Personalize them with romantic messages like reasons why you love them or a short poem that you both like etc…