Romantic Birthday Poems

Romantic Birthday Poems
Romantic Birthday Poems

Romantic Birthday Poems

The birthday of your loved one’s approaching quickly, so read these short romantic birthday poems to inspire you to come up with something unique on your own. You can use these poems as is to surprise you loved one with, but it’s always better if you create something personal.

Don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy: You simply cannot go wrong. Think about your feelings and try to put them into rhyming sentences. If you’re having a hard time coming up with rhyming words on your own, use RhymeZone (a free online tool) to help you out. It makes the process even quicker.

Also, when you feel like giving up, do NOT stop! Just write down anything that comes to your mind… if you stick with it for at least 5-10 minutes, you’ll quickly realize how much fun you can have… and your partner will melt in your arms from happiness! Now that would be a super successful birthday present!

Romantic Birthday Poems – Deep Romantic Love Poems

The Most Precious Day Of My Life

Today, I think, is the most precious day of my life
For it happened on this very day, that you became alive.
Your birth brought all the happiness in this world to me,
Without you my whole life would be a complete mystery.

The beauty of a rainbow is unique and priceless,
But it’s your smiling face that brings me the true brightness,
The light of the moon in the dark night may be mesmerizing,
But the love you’re giving to me makes it all worth jeopardizing.

I love how the rising sun gently warms up my face,
But its warmth is nothing compared to your embrace,
It is my biggest dream coming true that I’ve found you,
So let me tell you Happy Birthday and I Truly Love You!

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy birthday, happy birthday my dear valentine,
I guess our love was created by the real Frankenstein.
Happy birthday, happy birthday my dear valentine,
We survived yet another year on the greatest battle line.

Happy birthday, happy birthday my sweetheart,
I’ve always known that you’d become my weak part,
Happy birthday, happy birthday my sweetheart,
There’s no going back, now we can not restart.

Happy birthday, happy birthday my beloved,
This poem sucks; I hope you won’t be disgusted,
Happy birthday, happy birthday my beloved,
I’ll always keep on doing as you instructed.

Happy birthday, happy birthday my treasure,
Living by your side has always been a pleasure,
Happy birthday, happy birthday my treasure,
Thanks for making my life a million times better! 🙂

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought
When I first saw you
That you would be the one,
To pull me out of the blue?

I remember well,
No one has to tell me,
That I fell in love
With you, ASAP.

Now that it’s your birthday,
I feel obliged to say,
If life is a bunch of flowers,
Then you are my bouquet.

Happy Xth birthday my sweetheart!

Funny Birthday

The big day has arrived,
It’s your next birthday,
I want to celebrate you,
No matter if it’s a workday.

Surprise, surprise,
I bought you a great present,
No, it’s not a diamond necklace, but
I hope it’s better than you parents’.

You can’t touch my gift,
Nor can you listen to it,
It’s not a training machine,
It won’t keep you forever fit.

Neither can you see it,
To the eyes it’s invisible,
But since it’s a romantic poem,
The answer is quite predictable.

Yes, love is my gift,
Love’s the answer,
You make my heart rush,
Like a sexy dancer.

I know this whole poem
Doesn’t make any sense,
But I guess it’s better than
Basic commonsense.

Enough of these jokes
And this stupid wordplay,
I love you so much,
Happy birthday!

Ideas On How To Use These Romantic Birthday Poems

Here are a few ways to use these short romantic birthday poems to surprise your partner on his or her birthday:
Include it in an e-Card and send it to your partner’s e-mail address.

  • Birthday cards
  • Attach it to a birthday gift
  • Stick it on the bathroom mirror
  • Hide it under their pillows
  • Write it on a napkin