Romantic Christmas Gifts

Romantic Christmas Gifts
Romantic Christmas Gifts

Romantic Christmas Gifts

Below you’ll find a huge selection of the greatest romantic Christmas gifts out there. It’s usually hard to come up with something unique or creative for Christmas (and any other occasion), so we tried our best to provide you with lots of great and romantic present ideas.

Some of them are a little pricey but they’re mostly inexpensive and cost only your time and effort.

We truly hope these romantic Christmas gift ideas will help the two of you have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Common Ideas for Romantic Christmas Gifts

  1. Surprise them with two tickets to the opera or a ballet performance.
  2. Create a scrapbook. Collect photos of your best memories and spice them up with poems or love quotes. Either create a real book or find scrap booking software on the net (most of them are free).
  3. You can never go wrong with the right type of jewelry: Choose something classy and elegant: wrist or pocket watches, golden or silver necklaces, pearl earrings…
  4. How about a personalized key chain? Just include a romantic message and/or a photo of you.
  5. Turn the timeless Message in a Bottle gift more meaningful by writing your own love poem on the letter hidden inside. This page offers dozens of additional romantic meaningful gifts.
  6. Fill a gift basket full with his/her favorite items. Different types of chocolates, perfumes, tickets to a play or show, candles, home baked cookies, flowers, electronic equipment …
  7. Engraved pocket watches probably will never go out of style. Get an elegant one that fits your partner’s style and have a nice message or romantic quote engraved or a photo printed on it.
  8. Surprise your sweetheart with “Reasons I Love You” stones, hidden at unexpected places around the house.
  9. Give your partner a CD featuring their favorite love songs.
  10. Create a personalized calendar. Use your own messages, quotes, photos of the two of you… You can find lots of software on the net that let you design one for free. Here you can choose from several homemade romantic gift ideas if you’re interested.
  11. Picnic baskets are not only romantic if decorated nicely, but they can lead to much more fun as well. Visit Romantic Picnic Ideas for more tips on this.
  12. Buy electronic gadgets: an iPhone, the latest cell phone, a laptop, GPS, a camcorder, Nintendo, Xbox or PC games etc…
  13. How about personalized wallets or bags? Or click here if you’re looking for other personalized romantic gifts.
  14. Give your partner a personalized crystal cube with a message and a 3D photo of you.
  15. Prepare their favorite food and desserts for dinner.
  16. Give them the latest books of their favorite authors.

Romantic Christmas Gifts – Simple Tips


  1. Give your partner warm, comfy cashmere clothes. Maybe a sweater, trousers, a jumper, hats…
  2. Get your partner a personalized jewelry box. Engrave the front side or top with a nice message or poem.
  3. Get your partner a creative personalized puzzle. You can order one based on a photo, and include some text as well.
  4. Get your partner a lover’s doormat, personalized with a message and a picture of your choice.
  5. Get a personalized mouse pad.
  6. Buy personalized pajamas with funny or romantic messages or your partner’s initials etc…
  7. If your partner is a real chocolate lover surprise them with a great chocolate gift basket: White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, French chocolate… Try out as many types as you can.

Romantic Christmas Gifts – Special Romance Ideas

  1. Spice up your bedroom as a gift, by giving some personalized pillows, towels, silk or satin bed sheets etc… Here you can find tons of useful ideas on decorating romantic bedrooms.
  2. Surprise him with a personalized wooden wine box or bottle holder.
  3. Give a soft, warm cashmere scarf.
  4. Everyone would be happy to receive a comfortable, warm silk, satin or cashmere bathrobe, personalized with a romantic message.
  5. Get a custom music box for your loved one. Add a personalized engraving or have it play your partner’s favorite romantic music etc…
  6. Write your own personalized romance novel, starring the two of you. This page is full of romantic words, so it may be able help you out if you get stuck along the way.
  7. Give your partner massage candles and turn your bathroom into a spa for the night. Prepare a rose petal bath with warm water and give your partner a relaxing backrub or foot massage. Here you can browse other romantic evening ideas as well.
  8. Get creative with engraved personalized wine glasses.
  9. Make a milk bath for your partner using bath salts, foaming tablets, candles…
  10. Write your own song, poem or love letter, or try to write something together for each other.
  11. Prepare (or order) a beautiful tall cake of your partner’s favorite kind.

Romantic Christmas Gifts – Special Ideas – A Little Pricey

  1. Give a personalized ring with an engraved romantic message.
  2. Give her a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful crystal rose with a greeting card saying: “I’ll love you until the last petal falls”.
  3. Give a golden rose to your partner. You can make it more touching by having a nice message or quote engraved on the stem, but that’s solely for perfectionists. 🙂
  4. Blow her away with a breath-taking glass rose and a touching greeting card. As an extra, scatter rose petals on the floor leading from the doorway to her gift.
  5. Give them their favorite perfume in a personalized bottle.
  6. Give your partner antique objects like mirrors or photos in old, decorated frames or an old vase …

Don’t worry if you can’t afford these kind of surprises right now, we thought about you too! 🙂 Here you find dozens of inexpensive romantic ideas to help you amaze your loved one.

Unusual Romantic Christmas Gifts

  1. Surprise your partner with chocolate body paint. This means a fun night for both of you!
  2. Get some fun romantic and/or sexy board games and spend a passionate, exciting nigh playing together.
  3. Get your partner (and yourself) a massage book and learn the ins and outs of giving a sensual, relaxing backrub or foot massage. Obviously practice your newly learned skills on each other.
  4. Gift your partner pheromone or massage candles. Try to get floating candles so that you can have much more fun next time in the bathtub.
  5. Glow in the dark boxers.
  6. Ignite the passion with edible massage oils.
  7. Surprise your partner with a photo-based painting of the two of you.
  8. Order a caricature of the two of you.