Romantic Evening Ideas

Romantic Evening Ideas
Romantic Evening Ideas

Romantic Evening Ideas

In case you’re looking for great romantic evening ideas to help you spend a wonderful time with your loved-one, check out this great selection of romantic night ideas.

Below is a categorized list of the top ideasyou can choose from.
Either surprise your partner or plan the night together.

A romantic evening at home is always great and comfortable, but don’t be afraid to try out new ideas as well. There are so many cool things in this world you should do together!

Romantic Evening Ideas – Simple Tips For A Special Evening

  1. Have dinner by moonlight during full moon, either at a restaurant or on the porch. Surprise your partner with a gift after the dinner and then play a board game or go walking etc…
  2. Give backrubs to each other. You can do it while watching a great movie or just simply having a great conversation under the stars.
  3. Instead of cooking and spending long hours in the kitchen, order a quick meal (something like pizza or spaghetti) and go to the cinema, theatre, opera or take a walk in the park etc…
  4. If you like dancing then go to a dance studio together or learn some new steps at home. There are plenty of DVDs and videos on dancing; buy one and have fun with it!
  5. Play a romantic board game with your sweetheart. Before starting the game, decide what the loser have to do for the winner, what the rewards and the punishments will be, etc…
  6. Choose special romantic movies you both like, and watch them in the evening together. Prepare some chocolate dipped strawberries and eat them during the film. Here’s a list of other delicious and easy to make romantic recipes if you’re interested.

Romantic Evening Ideas – Simple Tips For The Outdoors

  1. On a warm summer night, go out and have a picnic in the backyard. Bring snacks, chocolate and a bottle of wine with you and spend a miraculous evening under the stars.
  2. Go out camping somewhere in the wild and cook a picnic roast over an open fire, while having a great conversation under the stars.
  3. Go out with your loved one to the garden and watch falling stars: There are lots of them especially in August, and you can make a wish whenever you spot one.
  4. Take a walk in the moonlight while discussing future plans, dreams, hopes… Eat something like ice cream, candies, lollipops etc… You can have a look at this large list of other inexpensive romantic ideas.
  5. Put on your swimsuit and head out to the beach for a late night swimming: After dipping in the ocean, order seafood at a near restaurant, take a moonlit walk, go fishing together, have a profound conversation etc…
  6. Go camping in the middle of the night. If organized well, it can be one of the greatest romantic evening ideas for you.

Inexpensive Romantic Night Ideas

  1. Visit a comedy club and have a romantic dinner after watching the show.
  2. Have a pizza night: Make pizza at home together: If you’re too bored with pizza, you can try to cook some other special food as well.
  3. Go out bowling at midnight.
  4. Make a rose-petal-bath for the two of you: Take care of dim lighting, soft romantic background music, wine or champagne etc…
  5. Organize a “spa at home” night: Bath tub filled with warm water, big soft pillows on the floor, background music and (floating) candles. Get some massage oil and give a relaxing backrub to your partner.
  6. Go canoeing in the dark: Rent a canoe and spend a peaceful, calm evening together, having a great conversation under the starry sky.
  7. Go ice-skating at night in an outdoor skating rink: Even if you’re not good at skating this is a wonderful opportunity to hold each other’s hands and have fun.

Romantic Evening Ideas – Pricey Solutions


  1. Spend an elegant evening together: Dress up in your most elegant dresses, go to a theatre or cinema and have dinner in a special restaurant. If you’re willing to sacrifice some money, you can rent a limousine and go sightseeing in the town.
  2. Go to the mall (with the money you can afford to spend) and buy yourselves new clothes, romantic movie DVDs, musical albums etc… When you’re finished shopping, have dinner at one of you favorite fast food restaurants.
  3. Instead of going to the same restaurants as everyone else, go and find unusual places to eat at, like an airport, a zoo, an old museum or castle, a train, an underwater restaurant etc…
  4. Try different style of foods every time you go out to a restaurant: For example instead of eating always Italian pizza and spaghetti, try out the Chinese, Indian or Hungarian cuisine or eat seafood etc…
  5. Spend the night at a spa hotel and enjoy the Jacuzzi or Sauna: If you like swimming go to a swimming pool and try the Sauna there.
  6. Have a boat ride in the middle of the night under the dark, moonlit sky: At the end of the trip go to a restaurant or have dinner on the boat.
  7. Go to the funfair and try out as many things as you can: You must go on the Ferris-Wheel, the roller coaster, the Merry-Go-Round etc…
  8. Go out wine tasting and have a romantic dinner in an old fashioned cellar or castle.
  9. Take your partner on a hot air balloon or helicopter ride over the town: We’re sure they’ll be thrilled, unless this is an every day program for you. 🙂

Special And Creative Romantic Night Ideas

  1. If you’re looking for real excitement then visit a casino and go gambling in the middle of the evening: Be careful though, take only as much money as you’re willing to risk. If you win decide what you want to do with the money, if you lose at least you’ll have another great experience.
  2. Surprise your partner by renting a horse carriage and going out sightseeing in the middle of the night.
  3. If you want to experience something new in your relationship go out and do something really adventurous: Plan the night with your partner and do something none of you have ever done before!
  4. If you don’t have any idea what your partner would like to do, then ask him/her and plan your romantic evening together.
  5. Write romantic lyrics together, search for music software on the net and create your own romantic music. Let this large list of romantic words assist you if you need some help.