Romantic Ideas For Dates

Romantic Ideas For Dates
Romantic Ideas For Dates

Romantic Ideas For Dates

You’ve found a great collection of the most romantic ideas for dates out there.

Surprise your sweetheart with these unique romantic date ideas and you’re bound to have a wonderful time together.

Thinking of newer and newer romantic dating ideas can be a lot of fun, especially if you do it together. So if you run out of ideas, just sit down with your partner and come up with something fun to do together.

Simple Romantic Ideas For Dates

  1. Visit your favorite/most important childhood places and show each other where you grew up.
  2. Organize a bbq/grill party and invite your friends.
  3. Organize a remote control car- and/or helicopter race.
  4. Go to the swimming pool and rest in the Sauna.
  5. Go camping at night and cuddle by the bonfire under the stars. Going on a romantic weekend break is another great idea.
  6. Go to the gym together.
  7. Go to a botanical garden.
  8. Visit a comedy club.
  9. Go to an aquarium. Besides being a great romantic idea for dates, it can be a really compelling experience for both of you.
  10. Take your partner to a car or air show.
  11. Go to an all-you-can-eat buffet or restaurant.
  12. Go to an airport, bring some food and watch the planes take off.
  13. Find romantic recipes on the net and make ice cream at home.
  14. Go to the beach: Sunbathing, swimming, eating ice-cream/fried fish/fresh fruits, enjoying the great weather…
  15. Go to a Jazz club or Coffee shop.
  16. Go hiking and have a romantic picnic by a waterfall. Stay until sunrise to enhance the romance.
  17. Go out fishing at night and wait for the sunrise.

Great Romantic Ideas For Dates – Special Ones

  1. Visit a spa, get massages and don’t forget to try out the Jacuzzi, Sauna and the Mud Bath.
  2. Go skiing or take lessons together. Then cuddle before the fireplace with some hot chocolate or cocoa in your hands.
  3. Go canoeing, kayaking or paddle boating.
  4. Go to a water park.
  5. Go sailing.
  6. Go out wine-tasting and have dinner in an old-fashioned cellar or castle restaurant.
  7. Take a riverboat cruise.
  8. Take a painting or ceramics classtogether and surprise each other with custom made gifts.
  9. Prepare a rose petal- or bubble- bath for the two of you.
  10. Attend a yoga class together.

Most Extreme Romantic Ideas For Dates

  1. Go snorkeling. Collect nice shells and sea pearls, catch fish and crabs etc…
  2. Go surfing.
  3. Go rafting. This is one of the greatest “adrenaline booster” of all the romantic date ideas listed here, so be prepared for extreme situations.
  4. Go jet-skiing.
  5. Go parasailing.
  6. Go rock-climbing.
  7. Take your partner on a hot air balloon or helicopter ride.
  8. Take scuba diving lessons. Later, when you’re more advanced, explore the wonders of the underwater world together.
  9. Visit a wild life park.
  10. Go cave- or ice cave- hiking with a guide.
  11. Go to a casino. Obviously don’t take more money than you’re willing to sacrifice.
  12. Visit a Haunted House in your town.
  13. Rent a limousine and go sightseeing.
  14. Take a horse carriage ride.
  15. Treat yourselves to a hotel overnight in a five star hotel and try out all the luxurious things possible.
  16. Rent a convertible, ride with the top down through the country and spend the night at a roadside motel like in the movies.
  17. Go bungee jumping together.
  18. Go to a maze or labyrinth.