Romantic Love SMS

Romantic Love SMS
Romantic Love SMS

Romantic Love SMS

Looking for a great idea? Surprise your partner with a romantic love sms!

These romantic text messages are here to help you show your sweetheart how much you care!

Sending romantic SMS messages is an easy and cheap way to show him or her that you think about them all day long! I’m sure they’ll be very happy when they receive your message!

So let these examples inspire you and then make your partner’s day!

Apart from the examples below, even some short romantic quotes can make great romantic SMS messages, so we suggest that you visit this page for more ideas to try.

Romantic Love SMS – Poems and Rhymes

  1. Next time you look up at the starry sky,
    Think about a guy who’ll never say goodbye.
    Everything is silent, still I can’t sleep,
    Without you I’m just a lousy black sheep.
  2. I want to find you, I need you so much
    I can’t bear this pain, let’s get in touch!
  3. Without you my whole world seems so empty,
    Please come to me and kiss my lips so gently.
  4. Your kiss paints the sky blue; your eyes make the trees green,
    Without you every frame is just empty and life is a boring routine.
  5. I wake up every time without you by my side,
    Passing my lost years,
    But nothing greets me there anymore,
    Only my lonely tears.
  6. If you write something in the sand, that won’t stay there for long,
    It lasts forever only if it’s your heart, where it belongs.
  7. I’m waiting for the day when the curse finally breaks,
    And when with our love we won’t make any more mistakes.
    I’m waiting for the day when I’ll be finally able to hug you,
    And the days when our love will -at last- reach a break through.
  8. If you feel lonely, and want to start crying,
    Always think about how hard I was trying.
    If everyone leaves and stops loving you,
    Just remember that you have no right to feel blue.
  9. I can’t help but think about you all the time,
    Living my life without you is just a terrible crime.
    I don’t know how to forget you as long as I live,
    I can only love you even if you’ll never forgive.
  10. I was on my way home, when I suddenly felt so lonely,
    But now I know for whom my heart was calling.

    I’m sure by now you know that as well: It was for you! – Romantic Love SMS

  11. You think I’m a friend, but for me it’s not enough,
    I want to be your loved one, even if that’s tough.
    I really don’t want our relationship to end here,
    So even if I hurt you, please don’t disappear.
  12. I’m afraid of you, though I don’t know why,
    And burning for you, so never say goodbye.
    I truly love you, though I don’t have any right,
    Waiting for you, but that hope is nowhere in sight.
  13. What is a thousand words worth, if you’re not with me,
    What are all the stars worth, if you again leave me?
    What are all the hours, what are all the minutes worth,
    If all of these will be spent without you on this Earth?
  14. Our hearts are beating so nicely together,
    No one can love you like I do, forever.
    You, for me, are like a sweet flower,
    And mean more than any kind of power.

Romantic Love SMS – Poems (Kind of) Funny Romantic Text Message

  1. Without you my bed feels so cold,
    I miss you more than a ton of real gold.
    How much I love you can never be told,
    But you know that our love will surely unfold.
  2. Why don’t you love me and stroke my hands like a puppy,
    With you my life would be so fulfilled and happy.
  3. Sometimes you think about me, but then you realize that I’m so far,
    Don’ worry, just trust me, I’ll be arriving on a shooting star,
    No matter where I end up, our love will always burn like a cigar.
  4. You’re the beginning and end for me, howdy
    Without you the sky is always so cloudy.
    My days are best spent only with you
    But I hope that that one you always knew.
  5. You’ve just arrived, but already want to leave me,
    I can not let that happen, you’re my vitamin C.
    You want to take my heart, but that’s not fine with me,
    For you, yet another trophy, that’s what it would be.