Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Romantic Meaningful Gifts
Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Romantic meaningful gifts can be the perfect choice to impress your sweetheart. Of course some of them will be a little costly, but you can still find inexpensive or totally free ideas for unusual romantic gifts.

You don’t even have to be creative; We’ve already done that part for you.:-) All you have to do is choose the right idea (or ideas) of these unique romantic gifts to amaze your partner.

Hopefully (and most likely…) the romantic ideas you pick from below will be remembered for years to come!

Unique Romantic Meaningful Gifts – Ideas For Unusual Gifts

  1. Give them as many small present as the number of days, weeks or years you’ve been together as a couple. Give flowers, jewels, chocolates, gemstones, love notes etc… This will more than likely sweep her off her feet.
  2. Take them on an airplane ride or take lessons together. This can be a wonderful and exciting new experience.
  3. Give her a love letter attached to a golden or crystal rose, saying how much she means to you. This one will definitely blow her away.
  4. Go on a sailing trip at night and celebrate your relationship privately under the starry sky.
  5. Give a personalized ring, with a romantic message engraved. Or if you really want to impress her, re-propose her with a new engagement ring and travel to an exotic place for your second honeymoon.

Cheap Romantic Meaningful Gifts

  1. Write a touching and meaningful love letter and give her a Message in a Bottle gift. It’s much better than just simply giving a poem written by someone else. Use these romantic words if you need some help with expressing your feelings.
  2. Give your partner a bunch of artificial flowers and attach a romantic note saying: “I’ll love you until the last flower dies” or write your own line.
  3. Give 365 Hershey kisses (or other sweets) and 365 love notes to them on their birthday (or on any other occasion). This way every time they wake up there’ll be a romantic message and something sweet waiting to cheer them up, right at the beginning of the day.
  4. Scatter flower petals and long stem roses over the floor, leading the path from the door to his or her gift. This will result in a much greater impact than just simply giving them a nicely wrapped gift box.
  5. Decorate your bed by scattering rose petals all over it and surprise your partner with personalized pillowcases and silk or satin bed sheets. Here you can find lots of other ideas on decorating romantic bedrooms.
  6. Make a custom calendar about the two of you. Decorate it with photos, romantic messages, quotes and poems… Mark the important anniversary/birthday dates so that you can start preparing for them in time. Here’s a large collection of other homemade romantic gifts if that’s what you’re interested in.

Free Romantic Meaningful Gifts

  1. Make customized greeting cards for your partner using crayons and construction paper or use a graphics program on the net, most of them are free. Send them flower bouquets and attach these cards to simply brighten up their day.
  2. Surprise him/her with a CD of their favorite songs’ selection.
  3. Give your partner homemade love coupons: A bubble bath, foot massage, candle lit romantic dinner, a romantic evening out, a romantic date, a getaway etc… whatever comes to your mind.
  4. Create and decorate a romantic scrapbook with photos of the two of you. Your girlfriend is bound to melt if she sees that you put a lot of though and effort into it.
  5. Create a short video clip (about 15 mins long) in which you confess your love to them. Tell the story of your relationship, how you felt when you first met them, or recite a nice love poem… the list is endless. Let these relationship quotes inspire you to come up with your own lines.
  6. Create a personal slideshow on your computer: Gather photos, quotes and happy memories from your past and play soft romantic background music while your partner is watching it. Use free online software to make one; it’s not complicated at all.
  7. Create a romantic webpage for him/her, it doesn’t cost you anything and you have total control over the design. You can upload your photos, videos, romantic messages, quotes, poems or anything else… Send them the link in an e-mail while they’re at work… they’ll be thrilled to show it to their friends.
  8. Plant a tree for him or her in a nearby park or in the garden. It’s a creative and meaningful romantic gift: It perfectly symbolizes the lasting love between the two of you.
  9. Recreating your first date can be a really meaningful romantic gift. Try to remember as many details as you can: Go to the same place, eat the same food, do the same things etc… You get the picture! For other romantic date ideas you can visit this page.
  10. Create a personalized romantic novel about yourselves. This can be a very touching and meaningful romantic gift if you express your truest feelings. Remember, you don’t have to write like a scientist or lawyer: It’s the feelings that are important.
  11. Prepare a warm bubble bath with rose petals in it, decorate the bathroom with candles and flowers and give your partner a relaxing backrub.
  12. Have a romantic candle lit dinner at home. On this page you’ll find tons of useful advices about romantic dinner ideas.
  13. “Romance up” your bedroom to increase the atmosphere and sweep her off her feet. Don’t worry; it’s nothing too serious or complicated: You’ll find lots of ideas on decorating romantic bedroomson this page.