Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romantic Picnic Ideas
Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romantic Picnic Ideas

If you’re looking for romantic picnic ideas to have a truly memorable, successful picnic, here you’ll find everything you need to know.

You can enjoy both the beauties of nature and your partner’s companyby following these simple ideas.

romantic picnic may take some preparation and planning beforehand, but if you follow some easy steps it’ll be a wonderful experience.

Basic Romantic Picnic Ideas – What to Take

  1. bin bag for dirty dishes
  2. bug spray
  3. pillows
  4. only foods that don’t spoil easily
  5. lots of water and soda
  6. lots of napkins and plastic glasses
  7. sharp knife
  8. sunscreen
  9. flashlight, even if you don’t plan to stay for the evening. You can never know…
  10. warm clothes, towels, extra blankets… Be prepared for weather changes.

Basics About Romantic Picnics – Where to Go

  1. on a boat, yacht or sailing ship in the middle of the turquoise sea
  2. in a barn
  3. in a tree house
  4. in the shadow of an old tree
  5. in the middle of a field of wildflowers: Try to find a secluded part where you can be alone with your partner.
  6. on the beach
  7. on a cliff or in a lonely park: wait for the sunset while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate (bring a thermos bottle to keep the drink warm).
  8. in a near forest by the side of a spring.
  9. on a bridge.

Romantic Picnic Ideas – Simple Things To Make The Picnic More Memorable

  1. Bring a CD player and listen to your favorite romantic songs.
  2. In warm weather, take swimsuits, towels and sunscreen and go swimming in a nearby lake.
  3. Being sweet-toothed, in my opinion picnics are not really romantic without desserts like strawberry, cherry, chocolate etc…Maybe your partner is on the same opinion, so try to bring something sweet that won’t spoil easily.
  4. Rent a row boat or canoe and spend a peaceful night with your partner floating under the stars. Some of these romantic evening ideas might nicely complement your romantic picnic, so check out this page if you’re interested in spicing up your nights.
  5. Take a book of love poems with you: After breakfast you can take turns in reading poems for each other. Also, you can try to write love poems or song lyrics together. Here are some examples of romantic sayings to get you started.
  6. Go canoeing or boat riding.
  7. Go tandem-biking or paddling.
  8. Go to a nearby restaurant and have lunch or dinner together.
  9. Or go to a fastfood restaurant like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway etc… A picnic doesn’t have to be too elegant or expensive.

Romantic Picnic Ideas – Special Things To Do

  1. Have an evening-picnic. Set up a campfire, grill some meat and talk under the stars.
  2. Go to a drive-in cinema, but instead of sitting in the car, spend the night laying on a picnic blanket under the moonlit sky. Bring something like popcorn, chocolate or fruits to eat and enjoy the movie.
  3. If you think that outside picnics are boring then try out one inside the house. Lay down a blanket by the fireplace or on the top of the roof etc… Take care of soft background music, place candles on the floor, scatter rose petals all over the house, buy good drinks and foods etc…
  4. Before the picnic, give your partner a gift they’ve always dreamed about (a little puppy, some kind of jewelry, two tickets to a romantic vacation, etc…). If you’re short on ideas, these creative romantic gifts can help you find something that will surely not go unappreciated.
  5. Surprise your girlfriend by planting a small tree near your favorite picnic spot. You could tell her that this tree symbolizes the growing love between the two of you. Of course you can plant the tree together as well.
  6. Take your partner horse riding or on a horse carriage sightseeing after the picnic.