Romantic SMS Messages

Romantic SMS Messages
Romantic SMS Messages

Romantic SMS Messages

Looking for romantic sms messages to surprise your partner with something unique or funny?

Here you’ll find a great collection of romantic love sms and text messages to do that.

We hope you agree that sending a thoughtful SMS is a great romantic idea to show your loved one that you always think about him/her. 🙂

Touching Romantic SMS Messages

    1. I love to live because you’re my life, and I love you, because you’re part of it. My life is all about the happiness you bring to it. Thanks for being by my side!
    2. I carry only two things in my heart, a word and a name: The word is LOVE and the name is yours.

“If you love something, set it free; if it comes backs it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.” – Richard Bach

  1. I don’t need anyone else in my life only you. I want you to be my fire, passion, damnation, love, happiness, joy, fate, nightmare, dream everything… I want you to be my whole life!
  2. I need the Earth to give me a place to live, I need the sun to help me see, I need the stars to give me hope, and I need your love to be happy.
  3. The real love of your life is not someone with whom you could live your life, but the one without whom you couldn’t exist.
  4. If someone loves you truly, s/he loves and accepts you with all your mistakes, so you never have to worry.
  5. Please think about me before you go off to sleep. I’ll sure be thinking about you even in my dreams.
  6. Don’t believe everyone who tries to make you believe that s/he loves you. If you love each other truly, there’s no need for anything to say.

Romantic SMS Messages – Sad Romantic Love SMS

  1. I tried to ignore you, but then I realized I can’t ignore the meaning of my life.
  2. That’s what my life is all about: Loving you! That’s what my whole life is about: Dying for you! I’m like that, and I’ll always stay the same, because without you there’s no point for me to live.
  3. Even if we can never meet again and hold each other’s hands as we used to, even if I can never touch your lips again, you must know I awfully miss and love you. Please don’t ever leave me.
  4. Someone once told me: if you truly love somebody let him/her go. If they do come back to you, they will be yours forever. But if they do not return, they’ve never really loved you.
  5. An advice: Take care of yourself. A prayer: Please don’t change. A wish: Don’t forget me. A lie: I don’t love you. And the truth: I terribly miss you.

Romantic SMS Messages – Funny Romantic Text Message

  1. Before you go to sleep tonight, please open up your window. I sent you an angel to make you dream about me. Your angel has been harassing me for so many nights.
  2. Who is s/he: His/her name starts with an “o” and s/he loves you more than anything?
    Oh, that’s me! 🙂
  3. Hmmm, I wanted to write something nice to you, but then I realized that all you have to do is look into the mirror to see something even more beautiful.
  4. I wish I could be your favorite kind of candy.
  5. I give up all for you. Will you be my everything in exchange?
  6. Kissing is the language of love. Please come here, I’d like to talk to you.
  7. My life will last as long as you love me. So please love me forever, because I’m too afraid to die.

Do you have a favorite romantic quote or saying that means a lot to you? Then share it and tell us the story behind it in the comments below!