Romantic Things To Say

Romantic Things To Say
Romantic Things To Say

Romantic Things To Say

Coming up with romantic things to say to your partner can be extremely difficult, so here we’ve collected a long list of possible phrases or poems.

On this page you can find all kinds of romantic sayings to help you express your truest feelings.

Brighten up your partner’s day with these touching, creative romantic lines or phrases! For example sending romantic SMS messages is a cheap and fun way to surprise your partner!

Simple Romantic Things To Say

  1. I always dream about you and all the things we could do together. My heart is sighing for you, and my biggest dream is to kiss you.
  2. You took away from me the sun, moon and all the stars. But as long as I have you I don’t even need them: You’re my love, my life and my everything.
  3. The happiest moment of my life was when your lips touched mine.
  4. I don’t tell you to love me or think about me, because if I’m not already in your heart there’s no point for me to say anything.
  5. Before you go to sleep tonight look up at the stars and think about everyone who loves you. This way I’ll know that you think about me at night, too.
  6. No matter how hard life sometimes gets, it always teaches one thing: to love. The same is true for me: Since I love you my life is so much more beautiful and happy.
  7. A second was enough for me to fall in love with you, but a whole eternity is too short for me to forget about you.

Romantic Things To Say – Rhymes and Poems…

  1. When the stars come out in the evening
    I miss you so much, I can hardy keep breathing,
    I wish you were here, laying by my side
    I keep dreaming about you the whole night.
  2. I hate when the sun goes down at night,
    I feel so lonely because you’re not by my side.
    That’s why I turn to the stars and God, praying
    To tell you that you’re the only reason I’m still breathing.
  3. Some people get what they want without any fear,
    While other people have to go through so many tears.
    Some people manage to forget without any suffering,
    While others could die, because no one’s there by their sides.
  4. Two stars are shining up on the sky; their love seems to be so true,
    I always think that one of them is me and the other one is you.
  5. Whom you love, loves you back,
    It’s nothing more, just a simple fact.
  6. If you looked into my eyes and listened to my heart beating,
    I could tell you that I love you and that you’re my everything.
  7. My bed is empty and the dreams just won’t come,
    My life without you is just simply so numb
  8. I’d give you everything, but my only treasure is you
    Please understand: Without you I’m always feeling so blue.
  9. Just look deep into my eyes so that you can see my heart.
    If you’re looking for true love, we never have to part.
    If everyone leaves you and you start feeling alone,
    Don’t worry for me your love will never be unknown.
  10. I have a sin: it burns me like a tattoo,
    Though it’s four words only: I truly love you!
  11. You’re the only one, who makes me feel so happy,
    Without you my life would be so scrappy.
  12. You’re the first one, whom I could believe,
    You’re the first one I don’t want to leave,
    You’re the first one I love with all my heart,
    You’re the first one I never want to part.
  13. If you miss me too please look up to the stars,
    Just close your eyes and forget about our scars.
  14. I’m sitting on the beach and staring at the sea,
    If you were with me I could give a kiss for free.
    I know you’re far away now and out of my sight,
    But it would be a great thing if you were here tonight.

Romantic Things To Say – Funny Romantic Sayings

  1. If real love lasts forever I send you the whole eternity!
  2. I had sent an angel to look after you while you’re sleeping, but she came back because she said an angel can’t look after another angel.
  3. Don’t be afraid if an old, fat, red dressed, middle aged man tries to kidnap you. It’s just I asked Santa to bring you for Christmas!