Romantic Valentine Ideas And Gifts

Romantic Valentine Ideas And Gifts
Romantic Valentine Ideas And Gifts

Romantic Valentine Ideas And Gifts

If you’re looking for great romantic valentine ideas you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find everything from creative, cheap romantic gift ideas to the most special and unique romantic valentines gift.

Whether you’re looking for romantic ideas for Valentines Day for boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife), we hope these romantic ideas will help you amaze your loved one!

We wish you the Happiest Valentines Day ever! 🙂

Unusual Romantic Valentine Ideas

  1. Give him/her a gift basket full with his/her favorite things. What kind of chocolates, perfumes, books, shows, candles, cookies, flowers, electronic gadgets does he/she like?
  2. Give your partner a comfy silk or cashmere bathrobe for Valentines Day. You can turn it more romantic with a personalized message or your partner’s initials engraved.
  3. Order a photo-based artwork or caricature of the two of you. You can find sites on the net to help you or look up an artist in your neighborhood. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost too much, and it’ll be definitely worth it.
  4. Have a progressive dinner or date.
  5. Have a five course dinner in your favorite restaurant, or go on a progressive dinner and have each of the five meals at different eating places.
  6. Go on a romantic photo shoot together. This can be one of the greatest romantic valentine ideas to have some fun and save some nice memories about your relationship.
  7. Name a star after her and say something like “For you I bring even the stars down to Earth, that’s how much I love you”. Obviously, you can come up with something a million times better than this. 🙂
  8. Send a flower or chocolate bouquet to their workplaces with a love note attached.
  9. Go to a spa and try out the Jacuzzi, mud bath, different kind of massages etc…
  10. Go to the mall and buy elegant clothes for her.

Romantic Valentine Ideas – Personalized Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

  1. Give him or her personalized crystal gifts: Crystal wine glasses, paperweight with a romantic message, and/or a 3D crystal cube with photo of the two of you…
  2. Women love jewelry and personalized stuff as well. This brings up the obvious question: Why don’t you combine the two and give her a personalized jewelry box? Engrave it with a romantic note, poem or quote and you’re good to go.
  3. Personalized jewelry is a great gift and not only for women. A ring with an engraved message would perfectly do it for both him and her, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive.
  4. Surprise your partner with his/her favorite perfume in a personalized bottle. If you guess your partner’s favorite perfume right, this can be one of the greatest romantic valentine ideas.
  5. Every woman loves accessories and personalized things: A handbag, purse or wrist watch with her initials?
  6. How about personalized crystal cube with 3D photo of you and a nice romantic message? Maybe even a simple “Be my Valentine” would do it, but you can try to come up with something more creative. 🙂

Romantic Valentine Ideas – Special Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day

  1. Write a touching love poem on your own and put it in a Message in a Bottle gift. This one is usually a big-time winner, and if you include your own poem the impact will be even bigger (and better).
  2. Organize a surprise valentine’s day party for your partner. Invite your friends, have a grill/bbq party in the backyard, eat your partner’s favorite dessert etc…
  3. Prepare a rose petal bath for him/her. A tub of hot water, decorated with flower petals will always be considered as a fantastic romantic gesture.
  4. Welcome your partner by scattering rose petals from the doorway on the floor, leading to his/her gift. Lead him/her to the decorated bedroom, scatter other flower petals and Hershey kisses on the bed, and place the long-desired gift in the middle of a heart, shaped by the petals and sweets. This will in all likelihood sweep him/her off his/her feet.
  5. If you’re willing to spend some money (not too much) you can take your partner on a hot air balloon, helicopter or airplane ride at sunset. The view will be amazing, that’s for sure.
  6. Go sightseeing at night with a horse carriage or limousine. Everyone deserves this kind of luxury sometimes, especially your partner, right? 🙂
  7. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend as many small Valentines Day gifts as the number of days or weeks you’ve been together. Give small presents like chocolates, flowers, love notes etc…
  8. Wake up very early in the morning and decorate the bedroom with rose petals and candles while she’s sleeping. When she wakes up she’ll say this is the most romantic valentine idea she’s ever heard of.
  9. Give her a flower bouquet with a bunch of different kind of roses, and attach a greeting card saying: “You bring variety to my life” or “You make my life fulfilled and happy” or think up something romantic yourself.
  10. Give her 9 white roses and a red one in the middle, saying: “In every bunch there’s one who stands out, and for me you’re that one”.
  11. Valentines Day is a great time to propose or re-propose your partner. Plan to go on a honeymoon or second honeymoon if you’re already married. Bring back or re-live those fantastic memories. 🙂