Romantic Weekend Ideas

Romantic Weekend Ideas
Romantic Weekend Ideas

Romantic Weekend Ideas

Friday has finally arrived so it’s time for you two to unwind on the weekend! These romantic weekend ideas will help you come up with something with a touch of romance to make these two days even better.

You can always choose to go on a romantic weekend break or getaway, but below there are some cheaper and less expensiveideas on what you can do.

So just sit back in your chair and either browse these romance ideas together or make it a surprise for your beloved!

Romantic Weekend Ideas – The Basics

    1. Get rid of all the distractions that could cause you to stop focusing on each other. If you’re really dedicated to have a romantic weekend break, then turn off your cell phones, the computers, don’t watch any TV (except for some romantic movies) and don’t let the postman or anyone else ruin your time together.
    2. It can be a rewarding idea to send your children away from the house, as they can be very good at ruining your romantic moments with your partner. It’s best if you ask the grandparents or a good friend to look after them for a day or two.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  1. Before starting the weekend, you should both agree on one thing: No housework for any of you! It can be really hard to focus on satisfying each other’s needs and wants if all you think about is the laundry or thrash. Instead, just accept that you’ll have to wait till the end of the weekend to take care of those. Let these two days be about just the two of you.
  2. You’re not in this relationship alone: Discuss the weekend’s program with your partner and decide on doing something new, something none of you’ve ever done before. We’re sure you’ll find some exciting tips among these romantic date ideas if you can’t come up with anything special on your own.
  3. Decorate the house for the weekend so that you can prepare for romance in time. Use the usual romantic decoration items: flowers, candles, soft fabrics, photos of the two of you etc…

Cheap But Oh-So Romantic Weekend Ideas

  1. Surprise your partner by setting up the stage for a romantic dinner. If you feel talented or skilled enough then cook something delicious yourself, but if you don’t want to waste too much time away from your precious someone, then we suggest you order something from a nearby restaurant instead. There are several romantic dinner ideas to help you make the evening more memorable.
  2. Why don’t you just relax and do nothing all day long, so that you’ll have enough energy in the evening? There are los of exciting and romantic evening ideas that make perfect romantic weekend ideas as well.
  3. Bring back some good old memories to your loved one, while getting to know their pasts better at the same time. Visit some of your favorite childhood places such as your elementary or high school or the place where you’ve had your first date or kiss etc…
  4. Attend a cooking class together and try out your newly learned skills in the kitchen when you get home. Cooking or baking something together can be pretty much fun, even if you remain hungry at the end. 🙂 Start with something simple but unbelievably delicious, such as chocolate dipped strawberries. Here are some easy to make romantic dinner recipes.
  5. Here’s another cheap romantic weekend idea: Visit some famous nearby cities, spend the whole day sightseeing and then come back home at night just for sleeping. The same way you can visit another close city the next day, without having to pay high costs for accommodation.
  6. Fill the tub with warm water, decorate the bathroom with candles and flowers and enjoy a long, relaxing bath together. Here’s how you can go the extra mile with this idea: Scatter some rose petals across the water and take a rose petal bath. This will not only say BUT SHOUT romance and the promise of a great time to your sweetheart.
  7. Surprise yourselves with a romantic bedroom makeover. Visit this page for helpful, creative ideas on decorating romantic bedrooms.
  8. Visit a website listing the local events in your town that you could attend together with your partner.