Search Engine Marketing – A Uni-dimension or Multi-dimension Practice?

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting: How Themed SEO Content Differs From Regular SEO Writing


Search Engine Marketing has risen on popularity charts phenomenally. Casting a spell over Search Engines, this activity/practise aims to popularise a product/service/website over the Search Engines, which are searched by over 90% of Internet users who are looking for information on various subjects.

The implications of ‘to-be-listed on the first few pages’ of these search engines is fundamental to all websites competing in a genre` or industry because, 85-95% of over all web traffic is harnessed through marketing done on search engines. And hence with the direct impact of effective marketing done on popular platforms such as these, one can easily comprehend how weighty an issue is this

Search Engine Marketing expert’s state that the conventional myths that surround the entire process of Web Marketing have carved out two dimensions of promotional activities on Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimisation being one dimension of this Keyword related marketing the second is almost like an online auction of Search Engine spaces through bidding of keywords – termed as Pay for Placement/ AdWords / PPC.

While SEO and PPC coexist as two alternative marketing practices, the permutation combination of the two in a measured proportion often results in aggressive effective marketing campaigns.

When Search Engine Optimisation works at optimising a site’s elements to comprehend well, with the search engine’s quality parameters and naturally provide good ranking to these websites, it ends up giving lasting results (with constant maintenance) and are time consuming practices.

Where as in the never-ending race to online supremacy, when competitors need to outbid each other and secure higher ranks on particular keywords Pay for Placement/ Paid advertising brings instant boost to positions.

Not only is this fairly easy to manage but gives an instant result which contrary to popular belief is suitable for even small time business which keeps of from Paid advertising because of the price involved. Although if looked closely, with the kind of response paid ads. get, they easily can recover the money invested.

To steer clear of the heavy competition online and stand-out from the rest of the crowd, one need s to deploy strategise campaigns with the correct proportion of both dimensions of Search Engine Marketing [] to delve into a perspective which is integrated , comprehensive and renders effective Online Marketing Solutions.


Source by Aisha Danna