Search Engine Marketing For The New Age Digital Campaigns



Search engine marketing has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. The right rail ads in Google have disappeared entirely and there is a prominent placement of Google Shopping Ad Units in the Search Engine Result pages.

Let us check out the most recent trends in the field of search engine marketing:

Shopping ad units have increases

Product listing ads on Google ‘shopping’ have done pretty well in the recent years and it continues to grow. The retailer’s share of clicks from Google has been on the rise for quite some time now. The main reason noted is that there was greater visibility for the Google Shopping results, especially on the mobile devices. On the desktops, these shopping results were bigger in size and occupied most of the screen, hence received a number of clicks.

Voice search and natural language

Digital personal assistants such as siri, cortana and Google Now have played a major role in paid searches too. These assistants cn pull a lot of data from your mobile and suggest the right shopping places.

Expanded app advertising

Mobile apps advertising is getting more and more popular. App indexing and deep links allows users to see and engage with apps content in the search results

Video advertising

Video advertising is by far the most popular means of marketing and the trend never seems to go out of style. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and search marketing without a video on YouTube is unthinkable. YouTube ads in Ads and YouTube shopping ads are some of the most important channels for advertising you need to look out for.

Interactive advertising

Interactive ads help retain a user’s attention, especially, when users search via a mobile device, where an average user uses only one app out of four. Google has recently introduced new Google Ads for Apps. These apps allow the user to interact with the ads – for example, if the ad is about downloading an app, users are allowed to test the app and interact with it before actually downloading it to their devices. With greater interactions, users feel confident to download these apps to their mobiles. Interactive advertising shall be a growing trend in Search Engine Marketing.

Precise targeting

Search engines today are able to gather data that is more defined, targeted and personal. This helps in specific targeting of the ads.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions provide new ways to communicate and special offers as well as special services for targeted customers can be easily communicated.

Above all, mobile searches are getting more and more dominant. If your marketing efforts do not target the mobile audience, you are losing out on a huge customer base. Google and all other major search engines have made it clear that mobile friendliness shall be awarded while ranking. Well, all the recent trends point towards mobile advertising too. Ensure that your business has a strong mobile strategy while you prepare for search engine marketing.


Source by Bhatt Digant