Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

How to Use Search Engine Marketing Services to Increase Your Website's Ranking


So why bother Optimising your website? Firstly, it is your choice but if you are serious about your business than SEO should be given serious consideration. There are plenty of so called SEO companies out there that promise the world, charge a fair price and then optimise your site on keywords and terms that no one searches on. What good is that? No good at all!

Ultimately there is no definitive on search engine optimisation apart from patience. That really is the name of the game. The key elements that should be adhered to with regards to on page factors are numerous. Firstly, all title tags of your site should show the main key terms that you are optimising under. Do not exhaust this and pay attention to the number of characters that you use. The meta keywords again should not be exhausted and in the meta description of your site do not overload the key terms. Search engines are wary of this and produce a description that contains your main terms and related terms to your site and business.

In the content of your site by all means use your key terms but again not to a ridiculous level. Google and other search engines do give some credit for this but I do not believe to the level most “gurus” state. What is important is content. A high level of content that is changeable on a regular basis will help you. Search engines crave new content and your site would expected to be crawled more often the more this happens. A great way to improve this is by utilising a “blog”. By instigating a blog to your site and regularly updating will surely improve your rankings and also help people find your product or service a lot more often. This is a highly under used area of SEO by website owners and will certainly assist you.

The key factor in SEO is linking. The internet is all about sites that link to each other. That’s what makes it “tick”. Google marks each page on the internet by level of page rank or PR. It scores it from 0 to 10. The higher a PR page that links to your site the greater weight it gives to your site. Be careful when submitting to website directories, especially with paid listings. The site may state a PR5, 6 or 7 but the crucial element is the PR of the page that your link will ultimately come off. Also be sure to use the correct anchor text. Don’t use your business or company name but a key phrase that you use in your title tags of your site.

These are basic and fundamental areas of search engine optimisation and if adhered to will certainly assist you in ranking your site and content higher in free search.


Source by Gareth Owen