Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses Press Releases In SEO Part 14

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Certain press release companies allow you to place up to five hyperlinks in the body of your text, for free press releases, whereas other companies do not allow you to place any hyperlinks in the content of your press release if you have signed up for the free press release option. So how do you write an effective search engine optimised successful press release? First, pick the keywords of your opportunity and then validate those keywords, using a reliable Keyword Selector Tool, to ensure that your chosen keywords are actually being searched for by users on the internet.

Second. The title or headline or header of your press release has to include those validated keywords and or keyword phrases. This is the same as a title or headline in the back end or ‘html’ of a website. The title of your press release or the keywords and keyword phrases you use in your title is the category that you will land on in the Google search engines. This is a fact and there is no way around it. Not that you do not want this not to happen. The more keyword specific that you are with that headline or title the more success you will have with your Google search engine ranking.

Third. The summary section required in a press release is your Meta tag description. So be short and sweet and keyword specific as well in your press release summary to maximise your search engine optimisation efforts. A press release announces your opportunity and website to the internet. Fourth. In the body section of your press release write the keyword specific content in third person. Do not use the words “I” or “you”. You can use words like “he”, “she”, “they” to ensure that it is in third person.

Imagine that you are being interviewed by yourself and then you write a report on that interview. It has to be in third person as you would be referring to yourself and what you said during that interview. All statements from your will then be in quotation marks. Write about your program, opportunity, business, products and services in a manner that does not advertise. Provide and show benefits to the reader if they join your business. The aspects explained above ensure good effective search engine optimisation practice and will ultimately lead to SEO success.


Source by Clyde Thorburn