Search Engine Optimization Trick Based on Past Website Traffic History Stats to Increase Visitors

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Search Engine Optimization, you hear so many different things on a daily basis that after a while it gets confusing. There is a lot of information out there on SEO but a lot of it is just repeated information that has been shared around by everyone before. I have a trick that I have used in the past and I didn’t read it anywhere on the Internet, it was just something I decided to give a try one day with one of my websites that I run that was struggling to get decent amounts of traffic.

The first thing you need to do is install a Traffic Stats Counter that records information such as whether traffic came from someone just typing it into their browser or if it came from a link, or a search engine. I have found that Gostats is a very reliable web stats counter so this is the one that I use. They are very easy to install and Gostats has all of the instructions you require to successfully embed the code into your webpage document.

Once you have embedded the code in the webpage it is time to leave it for a couple days depending on the traffic you are already getting to the website. An example of this would be that if you were only getting 10 visitors a day you might wait up to a week to check the stats counter, but if you were getting 100 visitors a day you might check it after just one day.

Now when it comes time to check you web traffic history I want you to look at results from people who have visited your website through the search engines. It will have the exact phrase that they have typed into Google, Yahoo or Bing or another search engine. This phrase is what we are going to research. I like to look at phrases that are 3 keywords long and up to 5 keywords at the most. The reason I like 3 keywords is that these are what is known as long tail keywords and there is quite a lot of room within a lot of niches to rank really well for these keywords.

That is exactly what we are going to do. Use the Keyword Tool to first check how many searches on a monthly basis there are for the keywords. If it is at least 1,000 then head on over to Google and type the keywords into Google and see how many pages are competing against you in Google. If it is under 1,000,000 pages, I want you to go to the next step for me and type those keywords in again but this time in quotes for example if you were ranking for XBOX Disk Repair and you wanted to search for it in quotes you would type “XBOX Disk Repair”. Now if that comes back with a result of under 100,000 pages this is a keyword that we can rank very well in Google for with a little bit of work.

What I do is include it in the Title of the page that I am trying to rank well for as well as in the description and throughout the page a few times can also be good for ranking.

Now the only other thing to do is build some backlinks to the page which if you aren’t already doing might be a good idea. Remember once you are at the top of the search engines for the competing keywords you don’t want to lose your spot so it is always vital to keep up with backlinks.

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Source by Benjamin J King