Search Engine Optimization: Unlocking Keyword Potential

SEO Basics: Optimizing Your Content


Keywords are extremely important if you are trying to successfully rank your website in your chosen niche or area. If you have a small business that relies on the website for income and lead creation it takes on an added level of importance. It is very difficult to rank highly for popular, high competition keywords and the massive marketing budgets of established companies and other online entities will often leave smaller companies or individuals way behind. This is why you need to think out of the box a little bit when it comes to selecting your keywords and working them into your search engine optimization strategy.

Internet users are much more savvy than they used to be when it comes to searching for what they want online. Shoppers, and potential customers, are much more content to shop around more for exactly what they want and this is why the monopoly of ownership of the major keywords doesn’t have to be a problem for your business.

As an online business you need to consider what you offer and how people will find you. Search terms can be broken down into numerous targeted areas and here are 3 of the most effective.

1. Buyer Keywords:

This is a term that potential customers are typing in to find your product. I will use ‘Tennis Rackets’ as an example product but this can be applied to any product or service. Consider targeting a search term such as,’where to buy tennis rackets,’ or,’buy tennis rackets online.’ These types of searches may not be as frequent but they allow you to capture a much more targeted and focused potential customer.

2. Review Keywords:

Internet users are aware that they have a choice when they buy goods or services and they are constantly searching for reviews and recommendations. To utilise this trend consider keyword phrases such as, ‘tennis racket reviews’ or, ‘best tennis racket for juniors.’ This is a great type of term to target in the competitive world of affiliate marketing and to help promote new or special offer products and services.

3. Local Keywords:

Online searches now have the ability to be a lot more focused down to a very localised level. If you can establish yourself in a local market this can be very lucrative and can build the foundations for your business expansion. Taking a little time to devise a short keyword phrase for your area will help you to succeed. It is as simple as using a term such as, ‘where to buy tennis rackets in Preston,’ or ‘tennis racket suppliers in north west England.’

These are just a few ideas that can help your search engine optimization and keyword choices be more focused and ultimately more successful.


Source by Paulo Walsh