Sexy, Sassy, Confident Women Over 50 Are Pushing the Boundaries!

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I love water sports! Since I did not learn how to swim until I was in my 30’s, I try to make up for lost time by being in or near the water as often as I can. A few years ago I learned how to water ski and jet ski in the Mediterranean Sea. Believe me, neither one was an easy task to master! After consuming half of the Mediterranean Sea while falling, I became hooked on these water sports; so, I am always on the lookout for a place close to home to test my skills. Last weekend I was invited to the perfect place to do this, Arizona, and I’m glad to report that I still have it! Having said that, I made the mistake of telling my parents about this trip and wouldn’t you know it.. they tried every way possible to persuade me to change my plans. “Why?”, you may ask. They think it’s not safe and that someone my age shouldn’t be participating in such activities. Women my age… what does that even mean? Is there an expiration date on certain activities? Is there a rule book that lists all the “do”‘s and “don’t”s after 50 that I am not aware of? Well, being the stubborn and rebellious daughter I am, I did it anyway. But I made sure to call them afterwards to put their mind at ease.

This situation with my parents inspired me to further explore the over 50 concept. We all know that beneath the label of mother, wife, businesswoman, sister or daughter is a dynamic woman with passion and power who can fulfill her potential in life, realize her every dream and make a difference. An empowered woman enhances not only her life, but the lives of her children, family and community. It’s time to bring forth the most important label of all… WOMAN! I plan to achieve this by working on a fun project that will inspire other women over 50 to come and share their stories. A project that will make a difference in the lives of women at risk. I am celebrating fabulous and divine women who are 50 or older and are actually living and loving life, in hopes that it will encourage other women to do the same. I am constantly meeting inspirational and empowering women who are pushing the boundaries and I salute them. Sometimes all it takes is hearing another person’s experience to motivate us to jump-start our own lives.

Passion? Desire? Let’s continue showing others how fulfilling life is when they embody these powerful words! Who knows? Maybe your story will ignite someone else’s passions and inspire them to live the life they’ve always dreamed.

Source by Silva Mirzoian