Start Healthy Cooking This Summer – 4 Good Reasons Why

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Healthy cooking is need of the hour – with people facing so many health problems and nutritional deficiencies, it’s imperative to pay close attention to what you eat and how you cook it. It is particularly a challenge in summer because cooking causes the whole kitchen and house to get so hot. But with pure clay pots, cooking in summer can be as easy as any other time of the year and you can continue to cook healthy for your family.

Let’s understand healthy cooking first, starting with the fundamentals, it is two-fold:

1. Healthy Ingredients

2. Healthy Cookware

Choosing healthy ingredients is a great first step towards healthy cooking, and choosing a healthy cookware is equally important. Cooking your carefully chosen, nutrition-rich ingredients in the wrong cookware not only destroys the delicate nutrients, it contaminates your food with metal and chemical toxins. Keeping this in mind, it is critically important to choose cookware made from naturally inert and 100% non-toxic material like unglazed primary clay or pure clay. Here are some important reasons why cooking healthy in Summer is important and why pure clay pots make it much easier and enjoyable:

1. They Don’t “Cook The Kitchen” Up

Metals & ceramics (the common materials for cookware) have the tendency to heat and cool at the same time and so higher amount of heat is needed to cook the same foods. Also, as the pot cooks, a lot of the heat is given out into the kitchen or living space (as the pot is constantly cooling also). A pure clay cooking pot, on the other hand, is an excellent retainer of heat so does not need too much heat to cook. Most foods can be cooked just on medium heat or lower. And taking just about the same time! This amazing feature helps you to cook in a pleasantly cool kitchen.

2. They Complement Your Healthy Living Practices

Let us admit – the cold keeps us inside and all our resolutions of exercise, going out, walking come into effect only in summer. Healthy clay pot cooking perfectly complements this change – now you can cook with little to no oils or fats, steam food and get the most out of your daily workout regime. And best of all – Food tastes far better when cooked in clay.

3. It’s A Great Time To Learn And Enjoy New Recipes And Cooking

It is always a good time to start something new but summer is even better for learning and trying out new recipes. It’s easier to search for new healthy ingredients, fresh ingredients are more easily available. Farmers Markets are an enjoyable place to look for them. In winter, you’d prefer to have established your tastes, sources of ingredients etc. and stick to trying what you have learned to cook in summer, so why not try cooking some delicious new and exotic recipes this summer?

4. They “Season” Much Better in The Summer

A pure-clay pot can be seasoned anytime following the instructions but they somehow seem to like the heat of the summer better than the cold of the winter. The summer’s heat lets the pot dry out more quickly and thoroughly after each cooking and this lets it season better – isn’t that great? Cleaning and cooking in a well-seasoned clay pot is so easy it is almost magical!


Source by Sharon Ray