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Nuts magazine is men’s magazine or a lad’s magazine, as it is popularly known as and is the first magazine of its kind to be published in the United Kingdom. It is a weekly magazine and though it was originally sold on Thursdays, new editions are now issued on every Tuesdays. And it can be said without a doubt that young men look forward to it with a lot of enthusiasm. The magazine has gained a lot of popularity and it exceeds the sales margin with its nearest competitor with quite a few hundred copies.

The magazine is light hearted and breezy in nature and does not discuss very serious topics, but concentrates more on topics interesting to young men like outdoor activities, adventure sports, designer suits and Hollywood actors. The various sections are dedicated to grooming and how to look good an all occasions and of course on how to capture the attention of women! The magazine also has a lot of eye candy in store with lots of well- dressed and good looking women looking back at you, but unlike other men’s magazines which try to bring in readers and more subscribers by adult contents and scantily clad women, it has never ventured on such a path. The contents of the magazine are mostly meant for fun and mothers of young boys do not have to worry about their children’s over exposure.

One of the other reasons for its popularity is the fact that the readers get to know what is happening in the men’s world in the international arena. So they know which labels are bringing out the hottest boots and goggles and who the favorite in the current Grand Prix is. For men who are on normal day to day life stuck with the worries of building a career, or how to avoid the bosses glare at office, Nuts is a welcome change, giving them a relief from the grueling schedule. If you think that Nuts is not available in your country, and are worried about the subscription procedures, then you can always go for online subscription, and you can catch a glimpse of a care free world right from your home and office.

The right mix of fun and amusement, while catering to the need of young men is the reason for its ever growing readership.


Source by Renu Rohila