The $10 Lunch at Anthony’s Runway 84

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Recently I had lunch at Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale checking out this $10 deal. I invited a girlfriend to have lunch with me and assist me on this mission to gauge the $10 truth and level of comfortableness at Anthony’s Runway 84 for two women to have lunch.

I’m here to tell you the $10 lunch is alive and well and filling. We had Anthony’s Italian Salad it was large enough for us to split and two hearty dishes of Escarole and Beans. The salad was fresh, crisp and cold, exactly the way a salad should be. It was vibrant in color and taste with all the vegetables darted throughout the over-sized dish. The escarole and bean soup is thick, rich and chock full of flavor. It is made to order. There is no soup kettle in the kitchen keeping this hearty stock warm and ready-to-serve, so it took about ten minutes or so for the Chef to prepare the soup. As we were waiting for our food we chatted and took in all the ambiance that “Runway” has to offer. There was a steady stream of people coming in for lunch men, women, groups. Seems as if Anthony’s Runway 84 is the new go-to lunch spot in Fort Lauderdale, it’s a refreshing change from downtown. I saw many entrees being served as well as the lighter side of the menu in both the bar and dining room. There were quite a few people working through their lunch with files and laptops strewn about their tables; sort of looked like the laptop is the new food garnish.

My friend and I were very comfortable sitting there. The waiter was charming, pleasant and attentive. Anthony Bruno himself was there keeping a cool yet watchful eye over his domain. He visited our table “checking on the ladies” asked us how everything was and would we like anything else. He told us about Meatballs and Martini’s on Thursday nights and invited us to come. When he left the table I said to my friend how “dutiful” it is for the owner of a restaurant that’s been around for 20-something years to still be “working” the room as Anthony Bruno was that day. You’d think he’d be resting on his laurels by now just “letting it all happen” and it’s apparent he isn’t. The man is sort of a “quiet-icon” in the restaurant business not showy, not press-hungry just calmly moving step by step to bigger and better.

There are great value lunch items for $10 at Anthony’s Runway 84 in addition to the Italian Salad and the Escarole and Bean that we had. Next time I’m probably going to try Anthony’s Burger or the Peppers and Eggs Panini, they looked great as they were being served to the table next to us. So yes, whatever you fancy be it soup and salad or a burger or an entire entree a delicious and comfortable lunch is always had at Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale.


Source by Christine Najac