The Best Turkey (or Chicken) Soup Recipe – In 4 Simple Steps

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My husband and I have been making turkey soup for more than 20 years. We always make it after Thanksgiving and every once in a while we will make a batch in the Spring. It’s so easy and costs almost nothing, especially if you can pick up a free turkey or chicken from one of the supermarkets during their Thanksgiving or Easter/Passover promotions! We always change the recipe a little bit, but the batch we made the other day was the simplest, with the fewest ingredients and turned out to be the best soup we ever made! Even better, it was almost effortless.

What was the secret? We started by making a bone broth soup. In the past, we always cooked the turkey carcass in water in a large soup pot for a couple of hours. The broth was good, but nothing compared to the great, slow cooking bone broth we made the other day.

Here are the 4 simple steps we followed to make this amazing and healthy soup.

1. Cook a turkey (or chicken) in a crock pot or large slow cook roaster (well worth the $30-40 cost of the roaster, plus it frees up the oven). The turkey will come out moist and delicious. You can use the turkey for an amazing and simple dinner. Then save the leftovers to make your broth. You don’t even have to clean the crock pot or roaster after your dinner since the turkey is going right back inside to make the broth.

2. Place the turkey carcass with any leftover meat back in the roaster, add 6-8 cups of water and set the temperature on low. Forget about it and let it cook for about 12 hours.

3. Place the turkey meat and bones on a cookie sheet and pour the broth through a strainer. Just make sure you catch the broth in another pot under the strainer. It would be a shame to poor that broth down the kitchen sink!

You can strain the fat from the broth now using cheese cloth or put the soup in the refrigerator and remove it from the top of the chilled soup (the fat will separate and float to the top of the soup as it chills in the refrigerator). You’ll have the richest, darkest homemade broth you ever made.

4. Separate the turkey meat from the pile of turkey and bones on the cookie sheet. Add the turkey meat to the broth. We also threw in some baby carrots, then added ginger and cayenne pepper. Cook until the carrots are soft and you are ready to eat (if you didn’t strain the fat, you may want to put the soup in the refrigerator to cool, remove the fat before eating). The soup is so rich and delicious that you don’t need to add any type of noodles.

It’s so simple and so good that even picky eaters will love it. How’s that for an easy, nutritious and delicious turkey soup. It doesn’t get much better than that! Learn how to upgrade an old family recipe or how to make healthy meals at home. Start small with just one or two meals a quick. You’ll be amazed to discover how easy it can be.


Source by Beverly Entin