Tips for a Good Sleep

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Have you ever thought how it would be to wake up rejuvenated and fully energised every single day?

A grown-up requires between six hours to nine hours of sleep every day. For a healthy lifestyle, sleep is the most important aspect, as it refreshes, restores and rejuvenate. You can say that it acts like a strong tonic for an excellent life. Irregular sleep affects you in many ways like body weight (gain/loss), appetite, metabolism and hormones. Moreover, sleep deficiency mainly impacts in the form of stress and a lot of damage to the brain. Having a good sleep not only keeps you healthy but also prevents the hardening of blood vessels surrounding your muscles of the heart. Therefore, it is advised to have a good and sound sleep in any underlying conditions.

Tips for Good Sleep

1. Try to sleep at a regular time daily. Whether it is a working day or a weekend going to bed, on a regular time helps a lot in setting a schedule. To achieve this; if required avoid taking afternoon siesta.

2. It is better to keep yourself away from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine during night times. The smokers often experience bad symptoms like craving to smoke and smoking on the bed. Moreover, it is best to avoid consuming drinks that contain caffeine at least 8 hours before sleeping because your body needs long time to lose its effects. These things stop you from falling into sleep.

3. For maximum health benefits and good sleep, join yoga and meditation classes as they will help you feel relaxed and calm.

4. Drinking a cup of warm milk before going to help increases the chances of sound sleep. Warm milk is known to calm your mind and senses, and thus helping in good sleep.

5. Do not eat and drink too much before sleeping. It is best advised to have your dinner at least two hours before sleeping.

6. It is best to sleep when you feel tired. If you cannot take a short nap to feel relaxed, wake up and do something you like, and then go back to your bed if you feel tired again. The most vital step before going to bed is to take a shower with warm water and not think about your problems as stress can affect your sleep.

7. Your bed is a cosy place where you sleep and feel relaxed. Therefore, your bed should be in a dark, quiet and cool place. Create your bedroom comfortable by placing soothing lampshades on both side-tables of the bed. You should also use eye closer, humidifier, earmuffs, mosquito net, and other devices to create the most comfy environment you want.

8. A gentle massage of feet, hands and neck before going to sleep also helps in relaxation.

9. Try to sleep in a dark room as light can gleam through your eyelids and prevent you from falling asleep.

10. When you go to bed, take long and deep breathes, letting your mind and body relax.

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Source by Hari Om Agrawal