Top Earning Tips: How to Make Money Online?

Earning Tips

How to make money online?

Top Earning Tips:

There are many earning methods available but these methods are easy and are on top.

    • Freelancing
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Websites
    • Youtube Channel
    • Facebook Audience network
    • Facebook Page

We are going to explain every method in details.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is best way to start earning from home. But you must have a knowledge about any work you want to do.
For example if you have a knowledge of Photos editing, video editing, Business cards designing, wordpress, seo, logo designing, app development then you can work as a freelancer.

But it is compulsory to have knowledge of at least one category.

Here is a list of top websites u can work with.

1) Fiverr
2) Freelancer
3) Upwork

These websites are 100% trusted. We suggest you to work on Fiverr because it’s easier than other sites. Minimum earning of one order is 5$.

Note: if you don’t have any knowledge about these mentioned categories then you can learn from YouTube or other websites.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising and referral program in which third parties promote products or services of another company and receive a commission for every sales.

Affiliate marketing is more profitable if a person have any Website, Youtube Channel or even a Facebook page.

For example if we have joined affiliate program of when we promote any product from our Amazon account to our Facebook page then people will start Buying products from our link. For every successful sale Amazon will give us money.

3. Websites

Website is most commonly used for earnings. Some uses affiliate marketing products, Sponsored posts, Google ads and many others.

Websites are created in different ways. If you have a knowledge of WordPress, Weebly or Google blogspot then you can easily create a website or blog. There are many other website builders which allows you to make website.

4. YouTube Channel

Youtube is free video hosting website which allow everyone to upload, watch and share their videos. We can earn enough money by uploading our videos.

Initially every new user could make money by uploading their videos but now YouTube changed their policy. You need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers to start earning money.

You can’t take YouTube as full time job because YouTube can disable your earning at any time if you violates their terms and conditions.

5. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook audience network is similar to Google AdSense. Now you can start earning money by using Facebook instant articles.

You must have a Facebook page and a website. Montize your websites or blog using Facebook instant article. CPC rate of Facebook audience network is also good. Its good Alternate of Google AdSense.

6. Facebook page

If you have a Facebook page with more audience then you can earn money using Facebook ad campaign.

In this method you should invest some money using Facebook ad campaign. You can promote different affiliate products using Facebook ad campaign. The more money you spend the more money you will earn.