Triple Play for Good Health – Interview with Larry Brennan, a NY Nurse, Singer, and Ventriloquist

We're Wired to Maintain a Healthy Weight


1. What is one thing everyone must do for good health?

Life is short; the art is long. Do what you can do to find your passion. You will enjoy life if you are who you want to be. In my case, I found my passion as a Barbershop Quartet Singer, a Nurse, and as a Ventriloquist.

2. What is one thing everyone must avoid in order to enjoy good health?

Being unhappy or unfulfilled in what you are doing. Life is too short. You may not get another chance.

Instead of blaming a situation because it is NOT right for you, make your best attempt to see what YOU can do to make it right for you. Identify what it is you dislike and be creative to change, or minimize it so you can tolerate and build-in things you do like. You may be pleasantly surprised how others like your style, seek you out to be part of your world, and become your new friend, or colleague.

Never lose sight of learning to improve what you are doing. If we become complacent, we lose the drive to improve, branch out. We must practice, learn and continually grow to be healthy, in good harmony, and talk without making our lips move. Know what you are saying to your audience and to yourself.

3. Is this triple play for good health combination something that is here to stay?

Yes. But “I” will only be staying with it as long as I enjoy it, am successful at it and making the changes I need to make to make it what I need it to be (as I change).

4. Can someone sing in a Barbershop Quartet, work in the field of Nursing, and work as a Ventriloquist successfully if they are in a crowded niche?

Yes. First you must accept and believe in your work and yourself. If what began as a hobby or job has become a calling – a ministry, you have made it. This is a rewarding challenge and begins with self-growth. Your customers will tell you that you have touched their lives.

5. What has this triple play for good health combination done for you?

I have learned about myself and about what things are important to me, as well as share what I have learned with others. The most important thing that gratifies me is seeing how I am making a difference in other people’s lives doing what I do – spreading HEALTH & HUMOR through HARMONY as a Nurse, a Barbershop Quartet Singer, a Ventriloquist, and all the other things I am (husband, father, grandfather, etc.).

6. What trends to you currently see in this triple play for good health combination?

The standard continually rises upward, for example, the level of sophistication of Barbershop Quartet Singing, Nursing, and Ventriloquism is so much more than it used to be when I first began.

No one can ever master all aspects of an “ART.” That means the potential for learning, if you are open to it, is literally bottomless. Find the excitement in that. Make it work for YOU. You are not measured by how good you are in comparison to someone else, but by the effort you put forth to better yourself. You can strive to improve on where you are at any given moment. Regardless of where we are in our development, I hope we look first to help our self so we can help others. Never be afraid to get the help you need.

I feel my 60 year journey has been built on my learning and sharing a healthy message with others – from me, a Nurse, a Barbershop Quartet Singer and a Ventriloquist, as well as my many other roles – are all a part of ME. I have been thanked by many for what I have left them (my needed reinforcement). To find good in what we do and to share it with others is the core of a life. If this trend does not perpetuate itself in mankind, other generations will not be healthy and will not survive.

7. When did you first become interested in this triple play for good health combination?

When I saw the power each had in the ability to do good for myself and for others. I will probably never win a gold medal in any of the above activities. It’s not the winning and wearing a gold medal, it’s the “gold medal moments” you have. I have experienced many of those moments when I reach out to others and give what I can.


Source by A. H. Scott