Unhealthy Scalp – Is Your Scalp Healthy? Find Out About the Symptoms

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Scalp Health: When one’s scalp lacks good health, misery is often close by. But how would you know if your scalp lacks good health?

What is considered good Scalp Health?

Scalp Healthiness is a very simple concept to understand, although it’s rarely ever used in conversation. But the fact of the matter is, scalp health is very important. If your scalp isn’t healthy, you will definitely know by the many irritating and embarrassing symptoms you will have to deal with on a regular basis.

How can you tell if your scalp is healthy or unhealthy?

You can tell that your your scalp is healthy or unhealthy by answering the following questions:

1. Do you frequently feel discomfort on your scalp (ex. chronic itching or a dry/tight feeling, burning sensation)?

2. Do you see or feel any unnatural sore spots on your scalp (ex. sores, pimples, blisters etc)?

3. Are there evidences of dandruff, flaking or grainy/gritty-like residues on your scalp?

If you can’t answer NO to all of these questions, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you begin taking your scalp health seriously starting now!

Reason why I’m putting so much emphasis on this is because of the relentless irritation that awaits those who refuses to act quickly thinking the issue will go away on its own.

You see, the scalp health problem that I had to deal with started off small. But like anyone who is uninformed would do, I ignored the early symptoms of my condition thinking the issue would go away on its own. Well, it didn’t go away and I suffered through years and series of medications before I was able to finally get rid of my problem.

If you wish to avoid the sure agony that awaits you, take control of your scalp problem now. Take it from me, you don’t want to wait till the symptoms become unbearable before you act.

So to summarize, what exactly is Scalp health?

Scalp Healthiness is when you don’t have any unnatural symptoms on your scalp. What are these symptoms?

There are many signs that will indicate a scalp is unhealthy. Some of these signs include mild to extreme itching on the scalp, dandruff or flaking, scaling, dryness, bleeding, scalp bumps, scabbing, pimples, sores, blisters, scalp ringworm, thinning of hair due to a tight/dry feeling on the scalp.

Do you have any of these symptoms? If so, you definitely have a scalp health problem that needs attention.

What about Hair loss?

Can this also be considered a symptom of an unhealthy scalp? No. In most cases, hair loss SHOULD NOT be considered a symptom of an unhealthy scalp. Hair loss, without the incessant itching that often accompanies a real unhealthy scalp, is not a health issue.

However, if your hair is falling out as a result of scalp dryness or some type of infection/disorder related to the symptoms listed in the previous paragraphs, then yes, your scalp is unhealthy.

So how can one deal with an unhealthy scalp and its many miserable symptoms? Well, you can certainly go to a doctor or dermatologist for help but you will quickly discover to your dismay, that even these health-care professionals don’t have the answers that you need.

I discovered the actual working remedy for an unhealthy scalp after spending slightly over $1000 while experimenting with a variety of medicines. I had no choice but to experiment. The doctors I had visited were just clueless and I had been battling my issue for years with no lasting success. I took matters into my own hands, and thankfully, I’m here to report to you that a cure has been found.

What is the cure for an unhealthy scalp?

I was able to conquer the chronic symptoms of my unhealthy scalp by using the following medicines in a COMBINED fashion:

(1) A Certain B-Lactam Antibiotic – Must be prescribed

(2) TWO specific Medicated Scalp Ointments – Must be prescribed

(1) A Specific Baby shampoo – Can be purchased at any major supermarket

These four items, when used in a combined fashion, are the magic weapons that can actually DESTROY scalp health related problems. The antibiotic will internally combat your problem from within your body, while the medicated external ointments will attack and eradicate the external symptoms directly on the surface of your scalp.


Source by Jonathan Rayson