Unique Romantic Gifts

Unique Romantic Gifts
Unique Romantic Gifts

Unique Romantic Gifts

Here are a couple of truly unusual and unique romantic gifts to help you amaze your partner! If you just take the time to go through these romantic ideas, you’ll see that money has usually nothing to do with the level of romance you have in your relationship!

These are some cheap and inexpensive, still unique and creative romantic gift ideas, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and brighten up your precious someone’s day with one of these romantic presents!

Unique Romantic Gifts – Small But Thoughtful Presents

  1. Find a cute looking money box and give it to your partner. Promise them that you’ll spend all the money you collect in it on your relationship and love only. You could use it to surprise each other on random days for example: A small, but thoughtful gift is always highly appreciated on the busy weekdays.
  2. Surprise him or her with a beautiful flower or plant. Attach a love note saying that they symbolize the lasting and growing love between the two of you. It’s a bit cheese we know, but it has the potential to melt hearts… and that’s the ultimate reason why you’re here, right? 🙂
  3. Send her a beautiful flower bouquet consisting of white, yellow and red roses, orchids, lilies, daisies etc… with a small round or heart shaped mirror to be found in the middle. Then write a greeting card with a message like: “These flowers are all nice looking, but for me the most beautiful is the one in the middle”…

Unique Romantic Gifts – Personalized Romantic Gifts

  1. Surprise your loved one with a personalized romance novel, in which the two of you and your friends, relatives are the main characters. You can find some companies on the net that’ll create these for you.
  2. Surprise your partner with a personalized music box, playing their favorite love song, or a song that’s important for your relationship.
  3. Have one of the photos of the two of you enlarged and transformed into a painting or caricature.

Unique Romantic Gifts – Extra Special Romantic Ideas

  1. I’m sure she (not so sure about him) loves those little, cute animalsyou can buy at pet shops. If you really want to sweep her off her feet, here’s a creative idea you could try: First get a heart shaped wooden basket, put a big, soft heart shaped pillow in it, and lay your newest family member on the whole thing’s top. This will surely melt her in your arms, especially if you scatter some red rose petals across the pillow and basket.
  2. Give your lover a few creatively designed romantic love coupons. You can give them these love coupons on anything, but here’s a unique idea: Promise her that you’ll play one of her favorite scenes of a romantic movie in real life. It might be as simple (but so romantic) as dancing in the rain together or as serious as paying a visit to Paris for example.
  3. Here’s another unique romantic idea: Your Partner’s Wish book. Give them a little booklet, something like a diary with a calendar, and tell them to write down all the wishes and desires they have, both the smaller and bigger ones. Tell them to write a small, easy to fulfill wish for every week, a bigger one for every month, and an even bigger for the whole year. This way you’ll never run out of romantic things to do for your partner, and your relationship will be always exciting, passionate and romantic.

Unique Romantic Gifts – Bonus Romance Ideas


  1. Does he or she have a favorite placein the world? Maybe a sunny beach with turquoise sea or a high mountain with a beautiful view? If your answer is yes, then give them a painting or an enlarged photo of it, hang it in your house and promise them that you’ll make time to visit it in the next couple of years. And obviously DO keep your promise, otherwise what’s the point?
  2. Fire up your relationship (and especially your nights) with a bottle of edible massage oil! It’s all up to you how you’re going to spend the next couple of nights! 😉
  3. Do you know what a “candle by the hour” is? It allows you to set the amount of time it burns before it automatically extinguishes itself. A really useful and practical gift if you want to fall asleep in your partner’s arms by candlelight, without having to worry about your safety at the same time.
  4. Dancing is known as an intimate and romantic activity all over the world. Still, most couples never give it more than a passing thought on a party or celebration. We can only recommend it if you really want to spend a great time with your sweetie, while doing something healthy and useful as well.