Useful SEO Tools for every website owner

Useful SEO Tools for every website owner
Useful SEO Tools for every website owner

Useful SEO Tools for every website owner

Backlink Checker – This tool will help you get complete information about the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website like the “anchor” text, pagerank, total outbound links on that page, and nofollow flag for each of your inbound link available.

Keyword Suggestions – Helps you get suggested new keywords and determines the estimated search volume of the same terms in Google.

Keyword Position – Checks the search engine result pages of major search engines and indicates what position your site holds for a particular keyword phrase.

Keyword Density – A keyword/keyphrase is a single word or a combination of words used by searchers to seek information. This tool lets you check how many times a keyword or a keyword phrase appears on a web page.

Google Banned Checker – Allows you to check if your website is banned from Google. Simply type the domain name.

Page Rank Checker – Displays your site’s page rank value on your web pages and indicates the relevance of your website through numerical value.

Link Popularity – Generates a report on how many sites are linking back to your site and which websites link to your site in major search engines.

Meta Tag Generator – Meta tags are used to help major search engines categorize and archive your web page so those who are looking for your products or services can find you easily. This tool will help generate search engine friendly Meta tags that will help improve your website’s page ranking.

Robots Generator – Creates server side or client side robots to control search engine indexing and spidering of your site.

Sitemap Generator – Generates an XML site map that can be submitted to search engines for them to better index/crawl your site.