Vogue Magazine

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The Vogue magazine is a trend setter in the world of fashion and glamour. Founded in 1892, this century old magazine is known for promoting a culture of stylish and sophisticated lifestyle. Its readers are spread over twenty three countries and it is as iconic as the Time and the Life magazines.

Vogue is quite famous for its promotion of designer products and wealthy lifestyles. It also has great articles and notable reviews on films, art and books. This magazine caters to women who like to be fashionable and want to keep abreast of the current fashion trends.

Vogue was founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in the year 1892. It was published once a week till the death of its founder in the year 1909. Conde Nast, the new owner of the magazine decided to publish it biweekly. He was also instrumental in introducing Vogue to the world, starting with Britain and France. This is was perhaps one of the few magazines that were famous even during the Great Depression.

During the 1960s, this magazine was instrumental in launching the careers of well-known models like Penelope Tree and Twiggy. After Diana Vreeland became the new editor in chief, promotion of modern day fashion and problems faced by the contemporary women became the new focal point of the magazine. Vogue became a monthly magazine in the year 1973.

In 1988, Vogue got a new editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. She has been instrumental in making denim a fashionable wear for women across the world by putting a jeans clad model on the cover. Wintour is known to rule with an iron hand and is considered a force to reckon with in the world of fashion.

Recently in the year 2007, Vogue was targeted by the anti smoking group known as “Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids” for inserting a tobacco advertisement in the magazine. The parent company Conde Nast replied to the allegations by a statement release that assured that Vogue does not advertise or promote tobacco.

Despite the many controversies and issues that keep raising their heads every now and then, Vogue is still considered one of the most prominent fashion magazines of the world. It won’t be wrong to say that it virtually rules this industry. The recent appearance of the First Lady, Michelle Obama on the cover reflects the ever-changing sensibilities of the modern day woman as far as style and fashion are concerned.

With a circulation that exceeds 1.2 million, the 700 pages of Vogue are a glimpse into the finest fashion prevalent in the modern day world. It talks about the choicest cosmetics, accessories and the trendiest clothes that a woman can dream of. It has a cool-girl attitude that reflects in its articles.

The importance of Vogue stems from the fact that it is the epitome of style and fashion; Today’s woman wants to look chic and fashionable and showcase her own individuality at the same time. Vogue has made fashion into something that can be adopted by every woman and can make her look her classy best!


Source by Graeme I Olsen