What Exactly Is SEO and Why Does My Website Need It?

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Keyword Advertising Without Losing Your Shirt


Some people are not familiar with the term SEO оптимизация. Others may have heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but may not be aware of its meaning and significance. There are actually a number of things that are critical to a website more than ranking high in search engines, though, when different people are asked, they have different ways of achieving this.

To get a more comprehensive and accurate answer, people can look closely at Google’s guidelines found on the Webmaster Tools site, and search under SEO’s hood.

In the past, SEO has earned a bad reputation due to a number of individuals who made use of unallowed techniques to benefit from search engines, rather than work with them. The wrong choice of SEO professionals has negatively affected the reputation of many websites, making them invisible in search engine rankings when Google updated their algorithms.

On the other hand, deciding to choose quality SEO professionals can give several advantages to a website, including the further improvement and promotion of its web pages.

The right SEO professionals will:

  • Review the quality and structure of web content;
  • Repair bad meta settings that hurts rankings;
  • Add new content to meet high quality standards, in order to improve the position in the search results;
  • Include keywords that are relevant to a business’ products/services to drive solid traffic;

Create an online development plan to make websites a destination for their target demographic.

It is best to hire the services of an SEO professional when starting a new web design or planning to reformat a website. An SEO professional may significantly transform a website in different ways, and the result may look totally new and unrecognizable to its owner. Also, the website needs to be search engine friendly from bottom to top.

Best Practices

It is important for any SEO professional to conform to the best practices guidelines required by Google and other search engines. That being said, an SEO must be able to share a number of things up front:

  • Success stories: an SEO professional must be willing to share the things they did for other websites, as well as the results.
  • Guideline knowledge: He should be familiar with Google Webmaster Guidelines – chapter and verse.
  • Online Marketing Services: He should be able to enhance the existing web content.

SEO professionals who follow the best practices will offer some specific things. Also, they will be transparent with regard to the methods to be used, as well as the specific time frame to achieve the best results possible.

Deciding on the right individual or company to look after SEO interests will benefit a business. On the other hand, making the wrong choice can cause its failure. In case it would be difficult to locate the right SEO professional, it may be best for a business owner to do it on his own.


Source by Karina Popa