What Few Travelers Are Aware Of or Are Concerned About



Visiting any country for the first, or even second time, can be exciting. There is so much to look fotward to! But there are some things that should be considered that few travelers really pay much attention to, including the following.

How you will get to your hotel or accommodation When you arrive at the airport, you may be approached by one or two taxi drivers, These drivers may quote a price for the ride to a given hotel But avoid these people at all costs! Accepting their offer means paying more than you agreed to at your destination. which is a scam. Don’t fall for it! Find out if your hotel offers transportation to and from a given airport and plan to use that service. You’ll likely be charged a nominal fee or even no fee at all.

Take a word search booklet or a smartphone onlong flights. To make those hours pass quickly, you need something that will keep you entertained for awhile. Sure, you can even nap, but don’t count on taking one. You might have to put up with restless kids or long conversations. Keep your cool and count on the options mentioned.

Book a hotel that is close or right in the business section of town. You will likely have public trabsportation nearby as well as stores for shopping and streets to explore within walking distance.

Find out if your hotel has computers for its guests and rules for use Learn the times when computers will be availanle and obtain a password. Will someone be available to provide tech support if necessary?

Ask for a map of the area with clearly labeled streets and nearby attractions Plan to take a walking tour or opt for a local sightseeing service/ You will gain information that will help to make your stay more enjoyable.

Shop the local grocery store for snacks, sandwiches and fresh fruit. You will not only find and buy needed items, but learn more about local currency. Food tends to be a major expense, whether you are dining out or enjoying a snack in your hotel room. Be tidy, though, and clean up any mess!

Have a dependable travel clock, phone or wristwatch for time, as some hotels do not provide a clock! You will need to know the local time, which is important foe tours or on departure day.

Become familiar with basic words and expressions as thank you, excuse me and where is… The locals will know and appreciate your efforts to learn their language.

Sample some of the local cuisine. especially if it contains familiar ingredients. Avoid dumping a lot of ketchup on your food. Ask if you are not sure if gtavy is available separately. Try cheeses, fish and leafy veggies. And do remember to sample one dessert. Go easy on alcohol or select coffee or tea/ The bill for the meal.plus tip, will add to your travel expenses, sometimes significantly.

Souvenirs can be expensive and bulky. Items like sweaters, gloves and hats aren’t cheap and will be hard to pack, Choose a refrigerator magnet or keychain or scarf for yourself or friends and family.


Source by Dorothy Zjawin