What Should Be Your Ideal Boating Lifestyle?

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There is nothing like going out on the water and spending a few days floating by. Far from the din and bustle of urban life, a boating trip could rejuvenate your mind and body in the most comprehensive way. Since the start of the human civilization, people used live close to the waters. Egyptian civilization had started on the banks of the river Nile, Indus Valley civilization opened its eyes on the banks of the river Indus. Men have unquestionable affinity with water and boating is one of the oldest skills that he acquired.

Our hectic work-schedule prevents us to remain circled in the polluted and populous city life, but our craving to break free the urban bondage is undying and that’s why whenever we got the chance we set to sail. From fishing on a tranquil river to have a noisy party on the boat, from Sunbathing on the deck to grill a fish, there are countless adventure options at hand during your stay in the boat. I am going to offer you the information about what should be your ideal boating lifestyle.

Single or in a group-

You can go to a boating holiday either with your friends and family or completely alone. The best way of spending your time on the boat could differ according to the number of people you are accompanied with. I am providing guidance about both, how a single person can live in a boat and what the people in a group can do.

  • The best time to enter into the boat-

I would suggest you to rent the boat one or two months ago and schedule your boarding at night. You must be curious why I am suggesting you to make a nocturnal entry to the boat. The first reason is, after making a long road journey, it is quite possible that you will be tired. If you enter the boat during afternoon or late evening, the chances are high that you will be so tired that you can’t enjoy the sightseeing. So it is better to arrange a night entry, have a good sleep, take a proper rest, restore your strength and wake up early in the morning. It is suggested for both, the single traveller and the people who are travelling in a team.

  • Wake up on the boat with music-

The best way to wake yourself up in the boat is with music. It would be excellent if you could manage to tune your alarm with a local song, I mean the song of the place you are visiting. It will give you an excellent start of the day. No matter whether you are floating on the sea, river or a lake, make sure you are not missing the Sunrise from your ship. I am sure it will be an experience of a lifetime watching the Sun rising out from the water. A perfect start of the day.

  • Indulge in various activities-

Living on a boat comes with loads of adventure activities. As soon as you finish your breakfast you can start your day simply by watching exotic beauty of the surrounding areas. If you are sailing on the river or lake, you could get the chance of seeing the greeneries, the wildlife or even the river-side localities. You could take pictures, spend the time in paintings or just listening to music or reading your favorite book. Boat rental companies also offer their clients special arrangements for engaging with the locals. In case you are floating on the sea, you could feel the vastness of the ocean. It is magical experience to see water everywhere. It gives you inspiration, motivation and unparalleled joy. People who are traveling in a group could participate in fishing, parasailing, kite flying and other breathtaking activities.

  • Local food, must be in your lunch menu-

Missing the local delicacies of the place you are sailing is unacceptable for any boating expedition. Ask the chef to cook local specialties, it will be fantastic. Tickle your taste buds with something you haven’t tested before. Sharing lunch with others on the boat and having a rollicking conversation will give you extra enthusiasm. For single travelers, enjoy your meal in the midst of the nature. A lunch in the tranquil and serene environment will be the most fantastic thing in your life. Be sure you are not going for a siesta while you are on the ship, otherwise you could miss a lot of beautiful things.

  • Be ready for a memorable evening-

Evening is perhaps the most finest time in your boat life. People who are in a group could arrange an evening boat party and dance with the popular songs of Shakira or Spears. For those who cherished a calm and quiet atmosphere, could have a glass of wine and simply enjoy the seamless beauty of the sea or river. Just as you have seen the Sunrise, it is the time to witness it is going down noiselessly in the heart of the water. A dreamlike setting, that will leave a lasting impact on your mind.

  • An unforgettable night on the boat-

While on the boat, most people have noticed that time passes so quickly you can’t even get a hint of it. If your evening party turns into a late night party, you don’t need to worry, as there is no hurry to go home. You could enjoy each and every moment of your time on the ship. For those who are traveling alone, a night on the water is the time to retrospect the memorable events of life. On the boat, you can afford to remain awake late, as you don’t have to reach office early next day. Go for a sleep whenever you like, and you could plan your tomorrow in a different way.

Staying in a sailboat is much more luxurious than living in the hotel room. A boating life even for a few days, could breathe a fresh lease of life to your otherwise drab and dull daily routine.


Source by Rony Sneijder