Words of Congratulations For a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Toast Speech

Words of Congratulations For a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Toast Speech


Saying the right things in a wedding speech can really be quite difficult, let alone stressful sometimes. When you get up to express your words of congratulations for a wedding you want it to be perfect. You don’t want to come off as arrogant, but you want to deliver enough to let the bride and groom know it came from the heart and you put some effort into it.

The problem is, often times, this can mean not enjoying yourself as much during the wedding because of anxious thoughts of doing a speech, responsibility to the newly weds on their special day, and so on. I got tired of letting my toasts and speeches ruin my wedding experience. After all, I want to enjoy my close friends special day as well!

So here’s what I do now, which are a few simple steps tog et going, and I credit it to seeking professional help from a guide I purchased that teaches you how to write speeches and toasts for weddings and gives professionally written examples for inspiration. (more on that later)

To get the creative juices flowing…

What to start with for a wedding speech or toast: You always want to keep in mind that you want to tie emotions to everything you say. Furthermore, you want the bride and groom to feel great feelings as you’re speaking in front of everyone (relax, it will be easy), adding to the delight on their special day!

Some ideas for this are… special times you guys had together, personal growth achievements, something about them (how they met, where, things they do for each other), use your imagination.

How to execute a wedding speech: It’s better if you have your speech memorized, rather than reading it from a list of something else. It comes off as more personal and you can address the audience with your eyes the entire time, and they can feel you energy coming from the heart, which is ultimately what matters most.


Source by Mindy A. Tayo