Yoonla – Digital Lifestyle Business – Is It Any Good? Quick Review

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This is a quick review of the Yoonla online digital lifestyle business created by Reno Van Boven. All of the information provided is from my personal experience of trying the business in which I aim to provide a honest perspective on Yoonla & in what this entails for you.

This article is not meant to get all technical & confusing for those reading or interested in becoming digital marketing professionals so I try to keep the wording as simple as possible.

There are 2 types of accounts:

1) Free- pretty easy to create (like creating an email or Facebook account but can’t make money… YET TILL YOU UPGRADE TO…

2) Elite- this is where you really start earning money. Once you followed the 7 steps of creating your elite account (all the hard part is done by Yoonla) & upgraded to elite; you are on your way to earning well. Mind you, you do have to upgrade to elite to get all the benefits of this program. You are wondering how much. It is only $50-$70 dollars to start earning commissions on a regular & consistent basis. But THIS IS WELL WORTH IT!

Once you upgraded to elite, you can get to earning by getting people to sign-up under you. There are 2 tiers of making money from Yoonla- let me briefly explain tier 1:

1) You get $4 for every free account that signs up under you from English speaking countries (UK, USA, New Zealand etc)

2) You get $2 from people in non-English countries (Spain, Brazil, China)

Tier 2 is where it gets all exciting… for every person who upgrades to the elite account under you (you the SPONSOR) you get $30 commission for each person.

The reason I enjoy this program is the fact that its WORLDWIDE… anyone can make money from this. Male or female, rich or poor. This program does not discriminate which is reason why I recommend people to upgrade as soon as possible. The price for starting the elite account will be recovered as soon as you get people to sign up under you.

All payments are done by PayPal so all the commissions will be sent to your PayPal account. And you get paid once a month. Consider this as a lump sum of money.

This business is a slow build- don’t expect to earn $10,000 in a month straight away like you hear in some videos or personal stories. 95% of the time they did not earn it like they say & if they did; they are only the few out of hundred thousands to do this. Simply, just because you started your business does not make you entitled to earn huge sums of money. In hearing some of Yoonla stories, most people do not make serious money till 5-6 months later on down the line.

This is where you have to put the hard work to get to this stage in the first place. If you’re interested in learning how do this as soon as possible, leave a comment.

Thank you for reading.


Source by Zhane Kelly