Your Thoughts Determine Your Life

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There is clearly a universal law which states that your thoughts determine your life and it is evident that you cannot escape it. It is as real as the gravity which pulls you. Your past choices create your life. Most people often live as if this phenomenon does not exist, while others know it to be true.

What is this universal law? Why would your thoughts have an impact on your life? Why is it so important to understand?

What you think often comes out in the form of words and to other people around you. You may not realize it, but your words have an impact on how you feel about yourself. They can also influence how others may feel or think.

You may like it or not; thoughts are ideas that transform into words, convey actions and determine your life. In short, you have to watch your thoughts because they become words which often create impulsive or unwanted actions that create the life you have.

What I mean is that you share your joy, your love and your dreams with your words but your doubts, your sorrow, and your fears as well. The key to a life of wealth, success, and happiness is to cultivate an internal image of what you want, which only comes by way of constructive and optimistic thinking.

Have you ever come across someone who had an average or poverty mentality? Have you ever known somebody that says one thing but think another?

The Average or Poverty Mentality

There are countless of people out there thinking in such a way. Their thinking and actions are a prime example of how thoughts govern their lives. They have a view attitude that never imagines anything above and beyond their current reality. You can often tell by the words such a person uses.

Individuals with such a mindset are often blaming and complaining but somehow are content, and have enough with whatever life gives them, even if it apparently destroys their lives. Their words, attitude, outlook, doubts, and choices reveal a way of thinking that does not trust the Universe or their abilities. As a result, they keep experiencing poverty or average in many parts of their lives.

Thoughts determine the life we live. Average or poverty involves lack, and I will point out that this lack is not only limited to finances. You can be poor when it comes to relationships. You can also be lacking good health. This mentality is designed to touch all aspects of a human being.

Thinking Life Is Unfair

A lot of people believe that life is unfair. Well, let’s take the idea of quitting your job, selling your house, take the money and invest it in a business, so you can be your boss and create a better life. That is a difficult idea, isn’t it? And yes, it would scare the daylight out of most people. Why?

Beliefs Controls Results

It is because of your thoughts controlling your life which are not in harmony with your unconscious beliefs or paradigms as Bob Proctor so well put it. But you should know that these ideas, beliefs, and standards are what control your results. That is why you can have people who have all kinds of degrees, are intellectually brilliant, and yet the results do not match.

While there are other people, with no formal education and business experience, and yet the results show that they are earning millions of dollars. What is the reason? It is their thoughts and paradigms. In one of his videos, Bob Proctor explains well by saying “Change your habits, change your life”.

Thoughts Turn into Habits

Not only do your thoughts determine your future but it turns into a habit when repeated frequently and over time. A habit is an action you regularly do, often without even thinking about it. If you like thinking or doing something, then you often repeat it over and over until done unconsciously.

Habits can be both beneficial and harmful. It can be called a benefit or addiction. Your every day is full of these little habits that you do subconsciously. These are your usual ways of doing. Therefore, your thoughts which lead to your habits made you who you are, and create your personality.

Begin Changing Your Beliefs

Now, what you can do is learn how to modify this set of thought beliefs of yours. You must think thoughts that support what you want and desire. Remember that your thoughts govern your life, and your habits determine your character. So you should only think of what you do want and not about what you do not want.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.” – Chinese proverb, author unknown.

These are beautiful words that are as relevant today as they were in the past. They deserve to be written here. If you examine these words, you discover that you are given the cure to change or redirect your life and future.

Transform Negative Thinking

So, the thoughts, beliefs, and actions you have or do each day control your destiny. Therefore, if you have negative thoughts and if you are judging yourself and others negatively, your actions will follow your thoughts, and it is what you will focus on.

You have to begin thinking positive thoughts if you want your world to transform. Learn that if you do not like to be judged, then you should not judge others. You might find yourself feeling lonely and mistreated. These thoughts make your future appear miserable.

Your Thoughts Determine Your Life

Your thoughts create words which create action, which in turn determines your life. Your thoughts can create closeness or separation, motivate you, calm you or stimulate you. They can even change your entire belief system. So be cautious about what you think. Be fully aware of your thoughts before they become words, and be wary the actions that follow your words.

There are a few more important reasons as to why your thoughts determine your life. I would encourage you to start paying a little more attention in your life.

Your Past Choices

Your habits and thoughts determine your future. It is called the law of sowing and reaping, the law of attraction. The “you” you are today is a package deal of your past choices in life.

It is painful for anyone to admit that it is their responsibility and the fault lies with them. Instead, people often blame or point to their situation, bad luck, or how they are a victim of the circumstances when negative things happen in their life. So, accept responsibility and make a change.

Creature of Habits

It does not matter if you admit it or not, you govern your life through thoughts and practices. In fact, all experts agree that 90% of our daily actions are based on subconscious habits.

You have habits for everything such as your everyday routine, commuting, going to work, paying your bills and spending your free time. So, you have to begin identifying your habits, surely the ones that are not taking you where you want to go.

Your Thoughts Control Your Existence

There is a powerful principle on why your thoughts control your existence if they do not connect with actions. You can have all the intention in the world when you want to achieve something, but if your day-to-day actions are going the opposite way, you will never end up where you want.

If you are in Canada and decide to drive to the United States, you do not go north. It does not mean a thing if you are well prepared, packed the necessary stuff, how great is your plan or map because going north won’t get you there.

Your intentions in life mean nothing if they are not backed up by actions. Your thoughts, habits, and actions determine your destination.

Where Your Focus is so Will You Be

Now, do you understand why it is so critical to match your thoughts with your words and actions? You have to draw a clear picture of where you want to go in life and focus on it. You need to review it weekly. Along with your journey, you might have to adjust your sails, re-align your thoughts, actions, and habits to meet your life’s objectives finally.

You have to think the right thoughts at all time and take the right actions toward your goals. Yes, you might fall and get a few bruises along the way, but if your habit is not to give up, but to get up and try once more, then your future will be a success.

Therefore, you have to focus by holding positive thoughts and taking action, and you will determine a life destined for accomplishment. You may think you have no actual goals in your life, but let me remind you that if you are working for someone else, he has created them for you. No matter what you believe, you are going in the direction of your thoughts because they determine your life.


Source by Sergei VanBellinghen