Trip Planning Timeline for Friends and Family Travel


The following represents the minimum amount of advance time in planning your group’s next trip. Follow this simple timeline and save yourself and your travel group some serious trip planning headaches.

3 to 6 Months Prior to Departure

Establish the leader, main trip planner (point person) for the trip

Determine the type of trip – possible destinations, themes, budget

Determine timing and duration of the trip

Find quality travel providers who can help plan but also book the trip for you

Start building a rough itinerary

~ 3 Months Prior to Departure

Submit Visa applications (if applicable)

Book travel protection insurance (if desired)

Secure required health documentation forms

Purchase trip (deposit or full pay, depending on travel provider)

2 Months Prior to Departure

Finalize the group’s itinerary and any optional activities, tours, etc. (best to not have any major changes beyond this point)

Load mobile apps to your device and get familiar with them

Share relevant YouTube videos and Pinterest boards about the destination

1 to 2 Months Prior to Departure

Compile a list of necessary gear/equipment to purchase

Review complete itinerary (last chance to make changes)

Determine meeting point for the start of the trip

Reserve upgrades and optional activities

2 to 4 Weeks Prior to Departure

Pay balance due to travel provider

Ensure all group members are paid up too and have necessary forms and documents

Provide updates regarding destination and activities

If desired, confirm reservations directly with appropriate vendors

Distribute emergency contact info

Provide copies of passports to travel provider and emergency contacts

Put together a pack list, purchase remaining items, secure cash, etc.

Departure Day

Have fun together and experience incredible new places and things

Start dreaming, as a group, of your next trip

Sometimes groups have a tough time getting on the same page and planning a trip together that actually departs – lot’s of great ideas have been “left on the table,” and never completed. Remember, ideas are cheap, execution of those ideas are what’s valuable. So, don’t give up. If you are able to take on the planning and get your favorite group of people to a fantastic destination where you do lots of amazing things together you will forever be the group’s hero.

If you have the right disposition and personality to handle being your group’s trip planner, you will be remembered fondly and recognized as a hero and leader for years to come. You can, of course, use Triporama’s free trip planner to make planning fun and easy.

Source by Wendell J Willat