The Secrets of Top Students by Stefanie Weisman


“The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College” by Stefanie Weisman is chock full of strategies to do just what she claims in the title, Ace High School and College. This is an outstanding book for any student who wants to do better in school. Following Weisman’s advice won’t only help you get better grades, but you’ll learn a lot more too.

I did very well in high school and college, but not as good as Weisman. Her accomplishments are very impressive, and besides her own first hand knowledge, she included tips and strategies from many others who also excelled throughout their schooling. (Valedictorians like Weisman, Rhodes scholars, Fulbright scholars, Intel Science Fair finalists, National Spelling Bee champions and others like these.) I read the book because I speak to and work with students, and I also wanted to see how it would be for my daughter to read. It’s one I definitely will have her read when she’s a bit older, but since she asked why she had to wait, maybe I’ll let her read it now and then again when she starts high school.

What I really like is that this book isn’t just another “how to study” book. It is much more than that. While it does include advice on how to maximize your studying, it also provides information on the entire learning experience, including why you should want to be a better student in the first place.

There are chapters on motivation, time management, how taking care of your body will improve your mind and ability to study, learn, and get good grades. There is a chapter on navigating the game of academia, which is important. The actual study tips are divided into what you should do in the class room and how to take notes, learning to read for school, honing your homework skills, how to write a paper, and getting ready for and taking tests.

The book also includes a few helpful exercises to help students practice what they have learned in regards to taking notes, staying motivated, etc. And again, I like that the book talks about lifestyle tips and techniques, and not just study tips. There are a a lot of things during high school and college that will effect your grades. It’s not just how you write papers and take tests. This book does an excellent job at covering a lot of areas and providing a lot of practical advice without going too far and give students another voluminous text book to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to become a top student.

Source by Alain Burrese